Theresa May Isn’t Strong, She’s Cowardly, Evasive And Weak – And I’m A Tory!

A Tory sees a glimmer of light…

Peter Reynolds

As a member of the Conservative Party, I am horrified with the dishonest and manipulative way in which Theresa May is running her election campaign.

She was a terrible Home Secretary with an appalling record of failure in every policy area.  However, I accept that she was the inevitable choice for leader when both Boris and Michael Gove bottled out.  Also, as I’ve written before, we needed someone stubborn, obstinate, pig-headed, intransigent and incapable of listening to get Article 50 triggered in the face of the anti-democratic Remaniacs.  She did a good job of that but now we need a real leader, someone who can actually implement her empty words about a “country that works for everyone” – which Ms May neither really means nor is she even capable of achieving.

Her refusal to engage in any proper debate is pathetic and brings shame on the Conservative Party.  Her bluster, barking…

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3 responses to “Theresa May Isn’t Strong, She’s Cowardly, Evasive And Weak – And I’m A Tory!

  1. NickB(50yrsLU)

    I’ve been saying this from the moment May called the election, that she’s at heart a Remainer but has to pretend she’s wanting to fulfil the wishes of the majority who want out in order not to upset the Brexiteers in her party, with her mere twelve-seat majority. If she obtains the landslide she’s seeking, I’ve no doubt she will renege and go for the softest Brexit possible. She failed abysmally to reduce immigration numbers as Home Secretary and clearly doesn’t really believe in stemming the flood of either legal or illegal immigration. Of course, that’s only one aspect of Brexit; regaining powers of self-Government is equally important, so that we can control our waters, fisheries, agriculture and British way of life. She’s shifty, cannot be trusted, and clearly has no belief in her ability to stand up to scrutiny in debate. They all begin with fine words, but soon show their true colours.


  2. I can heartily recommend Alexander Nekrassovs twitter feed,he’s been saying all this for ages. I don’t agree with all the stuff he says but he’s certainly in the know. Also,if anyone would care to watch “I Daniel Blake” before 8th June it would leave you in no doubt that we need rid of these vampires urgently.


  3. May is a horrible witch who sold her soul for a majority..


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