World Star Admits Strong Link to Leeds United (Not Maradona) – by Rob Atkinson

In a completely non-sensational non-revelation, world famous movie star Russell Crowe has admitted to being a Leeds United fan. 

Lately, there have been a rash of teaser headlines appearing on NewsNow, transparently calculated to grab readers’ attention before disappointing them with a right lemon of a non-story. I am sorry to have done this on what will be one solitary occasion; I do it only to highlight what I consider to be a deceptive practice, one which I find intensely annoying.

Any advertising revenues attributable to this article will be donated to the Alzheimers Society. I do not wish to profit by deception, unlike certain other online publications. Please click the link above if you also wish to support the good work of the Alzheimers Society.

And please – think carefully before clicking on headlines such as the one at the head of this piece. They’re just after your attention and they’ll get it any way they can.

7 responses to “World Star Admits Strong Link to Leeds United (Not Maradona) – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Ha ha,nice one. I’ve been caught a few times. The worst culprit is that dreadful hitc site. “Midfielder leaves” “midfielder poised to return to Leeds”,each article concerns ” Dave”,but you know what its like? I’m sure everyone is trawling for some good news after the let down we’ve had only to get let down . Those sites are like dog shit on a sunny day at the beach,everywhere. Just as bad is the fact that I cant wear my old lufc tracksuit top for fear of people thinking I’m showing support for that Rothschild sock puppet who scammed the French presidency.


  2. Totally agree about NewsNow. Some of the items on there beggar belief, while others are way out of date – so old they have grey whiskers.
    Trusting that I am not prevented from identifying some of the perpetrators on here, I would name Squawka, Football Insider, Inside Futbol, and Football League World among those to avoid and ignore. The biggest culprit however has to be HITC. Apparently, this stands for “Here is the city” although I think the 4th word should in fact be an anagram of carp. Recently we have all heard a lot about fake news, but if that’s what you want then maybe NewsNow is for you.

    Of course it as not necessary to turn to the internet at all for a non-story, just have a look at the sports pages of The Sun. Only last week they ran a story (by a journalist described elsewhere as reliable) that Garry Monk was to be sacked, and yet here we are one week later and the Sun now tells us he will be offered a 5 year contract.
    As a boy I had a morning paper round, and used to sneak a look at all the back pages. I quickly learnt never to pass on to my schoolmates anything I had read in the Sun, as it would usually be proved wrong and I would end up with the proverbial egg on my face. I can recall only one story ever being correct, that Colin Todd would sign for Derby County. Yes folks, I’m going way back to 1970. One story correct in almost 50 years, eh?


    • I have just read the posting by Leeds Mick, and purely on the remotest off chance that someone might be confused, the “Dave” he refers to ain’t me.


  3. Blue Monday

    I only clicked on the link as your stuff is usually insightful and witty. I ignore the heading!


  4. Nice one. I’ve been suckered a few times by Newsnow. Maybe it’s my imagination but I think it’s getting worse so I have taken to looking to the source first before clicking. I never miss the chance however to visit LLUUE where quality and wit are sure to reside.


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