Leeds Have the Advantage Over Top-Flight Swansea in Kyle Bartley Chase – by Rob Atkinson


Bartley – happy at Elland Road

Swansea City boss Paul Clement might be talking a good fight and looking to play hardball over his loaned-out defender Kyle Bartley, who has made such an impression during his season-long stint at Leeds United. But, especially now that the Swans’ Premier League status is assured, football economics and a dash of common sense will tend towards a conclusion that, if Leeds want Bartley – and if Bartley wants Leeds – then the situation will pan out towards a satisfactory conclusion for both player and the Elland Road club.

The fact is, despite Clement’s neat line about “welcoming Bartley home”, a lot will depend on where the player himself sees his future. There is only one year left on Bartley’s Swans contract, and Leeds fans will be familiar with how that scenario usually ends, from bitter experience of seeing favourites leave Yorkshire a year early for a fee, or stick it out and walk for nothing. Whatever success the giant defender has enjoyed this Championship season, his potential as a Premier League defender is unclear. He’s likely to enjoy more game time at Leeds, and on that account, as well as his friendship with Luke Ayling, would perhaps prefer a move to Yorkshire rather than signing an extended deal for the Welsh club.

As for Leeds, they’ve seen a highly promising central defensive partnership develop between the mighty Bartley and Swedish colossus Pontus Jansson; they’re more likely to be looking at supplementing those positions by the acquisition of quality deputies, to provide the strength in depth lacking in the campaign just ended, rather than losing one pillar of a towering twin rearguard.

There’ll be more talking done, of course, both between the clubs and in the press so that the fans can see how serious and committed their managers are. But at the end of the day, money talks – and Swansea would be better off banking a fee for a player they could otherwise lose for nothing next May. Whatever claims and counter-claims fly back and forth, the only real work to be done is likely to be a bit of dickering over money.

If I were a betting man (and my bank manager is grateful that I’m not), my dosh would be on Bartley signing for Leeds permanently, or at least securing another loan, with an option to buy – perhaps in the January window.

It should be a busy summer, with a new sole owner, the maverick, amateur element of club ownership gone, and some backroom talent already recruited. But the retention of this season’s centre-back partnership will be seen as an important part of all that and I, for one, would be extremely surprised to see Kyle Bartley in a Swansea shirt when next season kicks off.

13 responses to “Leeds Have the Advantage Over Top-Flight Swansea in Kyle Bartley Chase – by Rob Atkinson

  1. glenn lowe

    hi rob,agree odds are that if gary wants him we should get him, nice for a change for us to be pushing for a deal rather than trying to hang on to a player. if we do get bartley say for 2 mill , get stockdale on a free, get howson on a free, get delph on a season loan with view to permanent,loan/buy Abrahams from Chelsea or buy fletcher from west ham.thats a start!! , we can all dream. MOT!!


  2. mrbigwheels

    Well said but… I’m more concerned that Monk is actually offered a contract with some financial potential to strengthen the squad.
    We may well find the proposed new owner sees the route to the Prem in a totally different vision… one that involves a big continental involvement in both new manager and squad choice…

    KB for Club Captain…………..


    • The continental approach is what I’m hearing too, more in squad building than for the coaching staff.


    • Hello MBW ! I’d like Monk to be given another season. But I am concerned about the potential effect of this season’s unexplained collapse on his underlying confidence – and that of the players as well. I expect the new owner will have this in mind too. It has certainly shaken my confidence !


  3. glenn lowe

    just give me a club I love with no criminal dodgy Italian co owner, no corrupt blood sucking skint arabs raping us blind. give me a good solid respected owner with no skeletons in the cupboard . sign monk on a min 3 year deal support him and back him as to who he wants and go and get them. am I asking too much??


  4. Philip of Spain.

    I love your optimism Rob,although I agree,it makes sense,but what’s sense in football.Me,I would first like to see a good outcome to Gary Monks situation.Once he’s been confirmed,then I see him targeting the big man.


  5. I would love to have Kyle Bartley back and make him the captain in stead of Liam Bridcutt.


  6. glenn lowe

    agree with your comments rob,no doubt gary in his meet up with AR at Thorpe arch in the lead up to the wigan game would have emphasised the need to put structures/contracts in place asap so pre season can be sorted and firm talks with agents can begin on players on garys hit list, mainly like normal well run clubs do, but sadly for years normal to us is not normal!!


    • That’s very true – it would be great to hit the ground running for once. It was the start of the season just gone that cost us – that put the pressure on the rest of the league programme, pressure that caused a crack-up at the end.


  7. I hope Bartley does come back,I’ve got the feeling he’s one of us and he’s “really into it”. He’s nicked a few important goals too,which is always a bonus for a centre back. As for Fletcher,he had his chance and he can stay at London’s 8th biggest club for me. Abrahams would be a jolly good move and so would Howson. We’re going to have to be ambitious now as this league is going to be bloody difficult to get out of now that Fulham didn’t go up. Plus we’ll have Sunderland,boro,the wendies and Huddersfield. The fans can only do so much,its now up to the new owner and coach to get us over the wire in 2018. This coming season is going to be a fight like no other.


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