Leeds Traitor News: Creepy Kewell to be Crawley Manager? – by Rob Atkinson

stupid harrykewell-

Kewell wearing his creepy, Crawley expression

Harry Kewell is reported to be making a return to English football – as manager of League Two Crawley. He can expect little in the way of congratulations or good luck wishes from the fans of Leeds United, whose shirt he wore for years – and then disgraced by signing for Turkish horror club Galatasaray.

Kewell’s football track record since retiring as a player is not exactly sparkling. He was sacked from a stint as a Watford academy coach and now looks to make his mark as a boss at the fourth tier of the English game.

It’s a far cry from Champions League glory with Liverpool in 2005 (though he limped off in that game when Liverpool were trailing, only to reappear cavorting with the trophy after the Reds’ sensational comeback). This incident, with others, gave the Aussie a reputation of a player who would bottle it when the going got tough. It’s unclear whether this is the ethos Crawley Town expect Kewell, should he be appointed, to pass on to his new charges.

Leeds fans have long memories, and Kewell is possibly not looking forward with any great relish to the time when his path will cross, once again, with that of Leeds United and its fanatical followers. Having said that, if Crawley is to be his starting point, a reunion with the Whites might be many years away yet.

9 responses to “Leeds Traitor News: Creepy Kewell to be Crawley Manager? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Lowest of the low and may I be the first to wish him the very worst possible.


  2. Great title.

    I despise him as much as that Turkish scum club’s supporters.


  3. Philip of Spain.

    Well Rob,it could be a while until Crawley grace the hallowed turf but we have the prospect of the gentlemen from Millwaw and their snarling tribe to put up with next year,great.That’s a treat worth waiting for??


  4. Duncan Massive

    Selfish pillock. That is all.


  5. We fear no foe

    Long time no speak. I am a racist pig. Looking forward to renewing rivalries rob?


    • Hi, racist pig. You don’t say who you support, but might it be Miwwwaww by any chance? If so, “rivalry” is hardly the word to use. Pray enlighten us.


  6. Karl Major

    Hi Rob, forget Judas Jewell, he’s not worth bothering about.
    Cellino has gone and LUFC have exercised the right to the 12 months extension for Monk, with a new contract to be drawn up in slower time. Things are looking up.


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