Burnley’s Sean Dyche Embarrasses Himself After Defeat to Leeds Utd – by Rob Atkinson


Burnley boss Sean Dyche – seemingly unsure as to the relative locations of arse and elbow

This blog is not usually in the habit of upbraiding opposition managers and coaches for their post-match comments, particularly in the wake of a defeat. It’s an edgy and sensitive time, feelings run high and the vocal cords are occasionally allowed to twang more freely than perhaps they should. But, after Burnley‘s exit last night from the Carabao Cup at the hands of Leeds United, Clarets boss Sean Dyche came out with a couple of real whoppers that really cannot be allowed to pass unremarked upon.

Firstly, and most surprisingly, Mr. Dyche – perhaps casting about for some excuse as to why his Premier League beauties had failed to beat a Championship side showing nine changes from its nominal first XI – ventured to criticise referee Darren Bond‘s decision to award United a penalty kick deep into injury time of the 90 minutes (and shortly after he’d made a similar decision at the other end). Demonstrating what can only be called an appalling ignorance of the laws of the game, Dyche said “They get a penalty, which I think is a real soft one. He (Tarkowski) does pull his shirt but the ball is seven feet above his head. It’s impossible that it’s impeded him from actually scoring a goal,” he added.

It’s hard to know where to start with that one. But let us state simply and clearly, for the avoidance of doubt and to emphasise the depth of Sean’s silliness, that a shirt pull by a defender on an attacker (which he acknowledges did happen) in the penalty area, is a foul and a penalty kick. It’s as simple as that, there are no ifs, buts or maybes, and there’s no caveat along the lines of “did it prevent a goal-scoring opportunity”. Such complexities are for decisions over cautions, not the award of a free kick or a penalty kick for an obvious foul. For a professional coach at Premier League level to suggest otherwise, and presume to criticise the referee in the process, is at best an insulting attempt to pull the wool over people’s eyes. At worst, it amounts to a quite astounding ignorance of the laws of the game, and a lack of the basic knowledge needed by any football professional.

Dyche’s second ridiculous observation was targeted at an area outside the professional arena, so is perhaps more understandable, if not excusable. The Clarets boss professed himself bemused at the level of abuse aimed by the travelling Leeds support (who were quite phenomenal, as ever) at former Whites Charlie Taylor and Chris Wood. Dyche seemed to think that the Leeds fans should have done their sums, realised how much money United had raked in from the two transfers, and applauded the departed duo politely, as if this were a cricket match on the village green, with the church clock standing at ten to three, and honey still for tea. Again, you have to wonder at the Ginger One‘s knowledge and appreciation of football and football support. Remember, these two players had both committed the ultimate sin, in fans’ eyes, of refusing to play for their club in order to facilitate a transfer away from that club. There are very few lower depths to plumb than that.

Perhaps Sean was simply nettled and disappointed, on a night when his club had exited the Carabao Cup and had been trolled afterwards by one of their own sponsors. But in that case he’d have done far better to bite his tongue, purse his lips and keep his mouth firmly shut. In making the comments he made after last night’s game, he’s simply made a fool of himself – mainly by his bizarre interpretation of the laws surrounding penalty kicks, which are really not open to being seen as he appeared to wish.

It’s probably too much to suppose that a hurt and humiliated football coach will have second and better thoughts, leading him to withdraw the remarks highlighted here – but if Mr. Dyche did choose to go down that road, to admit that he was factually incorrect, in error of judgement and foolish to express such dubious views – well, possibly he would emerge as a bigger man and regain some respect. But, as things stand, someone who’s on record as having said such very daft and uncalled-for things as Dyche was guilty of, cannot really ask to be viewed with much respect at all.

And Sean – respect matters. Because, win, lose, or draw, Cup progress or Cup exit, and even with the local police seemingly firmly on your side – you won’t last much longer in football without that particular commodity.

silly sean


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11 responses to “Burnley’s Sean Dyche Embarrasses Himself After Defeat to Leeds Utd – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Andy Turner

    As a Burnley fan who sat to ‘your right’ alongside a Leeds mate of mine – I’d like to make a few of points.
    From my view I could clearly see our CB almost pull your lads shirt off, giving the ref no option but to give the 2nd very soft penalty in a matter of moments – I was surprised he gave the first & therefore had to give the second. The managers comments were a touch foolish but as a manager who almost always talks complete sense, perhaps can be excused. Dyche has been arguably the best thing to happen to BFC in my time (sadly I’m well into my 50’s) & with regards Wood/Taylor – I think your fans must have got to him – so credit to your 2000+ fans.
    Much as been said about your allocation – we’ve had the Cricket Field Stand segregated in that way now for quite a few seasons (was it like that last time you came?), so you were allowed the same maximum as everyone – yes you could have sold more but that was never an option.
    Leeds made 9 changes, Burnley 7 & would have made more if we had stronger strength in depth – let’s be honest, once we kicked off we both wanted to win but both clubs weren’t totally committed to progressing. We both have bigger fish to fry – ironically us playing Huddersfield on Saturday, you maintaining your promotion push.
    My take on the game was – it could have gone either way, perhaps I am a little biased but believe we should have won the game & had all the real chances, compared to Sako (decent player who made a real difference) goal being the first shot on target, while we wasted open opportunities without really testing Lonerghan. You almost won it in 90 (both pens were soft as mentioned) & is extra time I thought you played for penalties which you converted with aplomb.
    The only reason Wood & Taylor wear Claret & Blue is the shopwindow called the Premier League – who’s the bigger club, who’s ‘tinpot’ etc…is a waste of breathe…
    That is all done & dusted & consigned to history – good luck for the rest of the competition & much more importantly in pursuit of promotion, something which isn’t rightfully yours but will add to the EPL, it would be good to play each other (without XX changes) next season in the top tier…

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  2. Reality Cheque

    Good post Rob as usual.

    Whilst Mr Dyche’s reaction to defeat will not make him a strong contender for Sport Person of the Year I have to say that the “reaction” TC achieved from his players following the Millwall defeat was bloody amazing! He and the player’s are on quite a steep, unforgiving learning curve but I sense that we are nowhere near as vulnerable this season with TC/AR at the helm.

    Did anyone else think we couldn’t lose the penalty shootout when our first pen was stuck home by a German?? LOL


  3. CardiffWhite

    Maybe he should be thanking the ref for playing 7 additional minutes instead of the allocated 6 & also the Police for advising the penalties be taken in front of the home supporters………….Poor loser.


  4. Mike Riley

    Fantastic headline Rob and impeccable, often hilarious writing. I always know that when I see a contribution from you, that I’m in for a treat with some good belly laughs. Keep it up. I grimmaced at Dyche’s post match comments since he offered no humble praise to our team whatsoever – so he deserves your bang-on accurate assessment. MOT.


    • Thanks, Mike, that’s really kind of you. I don’t really like calling out professionals, but I honestly thought Sean hung himself out to dry last night.


  5. Steven Grundy

    Am I alone in thinking that had shoe been on the other foot, Mr Dyche would have wasted no time in pointing out that the penalty we conceded was committed on a player that should have been sent off. Last man, goal scoring opportunity or that the referee invented minutes from nowhere and exceeded said minutes during which time the second equaliser was scored.
    Right team won.


  6. Sour grapes come thick and fast when Leeds are involved. Just watched the highlights on 5, don’t know why as it’s the cheapest football programme on TV. We played one of the best legs in this cup with a second eleven, it was end to end, very competitive and a good game all round with some brilliant performances. What do we get? an irritating, babbling lecture on shirt pulling and a total disregard for the performance and achievement of the team. The bias from this lot is embarrassing. As for Wood and Taylor? Not one word of approval from those knowledgeable in football at the way they refused to play and virtually just walked out, just a great deal of well directed condemnation. It’s about time these TV pundits had the bottle to tell the truth, that the fans have every right to show their disgust.
    I think we will take Leicester in the next round so bring it on, but if we fail you won’t hear one word of criticism, excuses or sour grapes and childish rantings from our TC because he is a gentleman and a scholar, and he knows what he’s talking about.


  7. Rob,
    I’m really glad you picked up on Mr Dyche’s seeming ignorance of the laws of the game and his convenient forgetfulness of HOW the refusenicks had so annoyed their former fans. He really deserved a stiff response and should have got one from his interviewer and the pundits. Still, we’re used to biased reporting after all these years since Hardacre started it, allied to Fleet St.
    Nice response from Burnley’s Andy at the top.
    Keep em coming, always an interesting and funny read.


  8. Yeah bit surprised when I heard this from Sean Dyche, he usually comes across as a pretty straight guy but lets face it we all say things in the heat of the moment which on reflection we see as being a bit daft.
    Ipswich will be up for it tomorrow, if we are ‘on it’ we should do well, its nice to feel a bit of genuine confidence going into games – nice change from recent seasons.
    On a personal note its a bit of a sickner having moved to China this year; its a great place but a bit of a trek to ER!


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