Leeds Suffering From Terrible Penalty Calls, Even When They’re Not Involved – by Rob Atkinson

A brief and testy update tonight, having sat through West Brom against Nottingham Forest, where the result to suit our particular requirements as Leeds United fans would have been a Forest victory.

It looked as though that was how it was going, too – and then referee Lee Mason took control, with two late and palpably awful penalty decisions, both going against Forest and, by extension, Leeds.

With the West Brom trailing 2-1, exactly as per our ideal scenario, the Baggies’ Dwight Gayle found a Forest limb to dive over just inside the area, and Mason obliged with the whistle for a spot kick. It was a blatant dive, and if there’s any justice (which we know there isn’t) – Gayle will get a retrospective ban IF the Football League ever emerge from their Spygate enclave and examine the incident.

So, it’s 2-2, which isn’t that bad. But Forest should still have won, when their attacker Lolley had his shirt almost pulled off as he made his way into the Albion penalty area. Lee Mason, though, failed to see the blindingly obvious, and Leeds missed out on the ideal result of a West Brom defeat.

Call me paranoid – of course I am, I’ve been a Leeds fan for 44 years – but it does seem to me that these incidents, even in games between third parties, hardly ever favour Leeds. And really, we could do with the odd penalty decision in other games going our way – because it’s now one penalty awarded to Leeds in around 70 games, which is pretty meagre fare.

Ho hum. Onwards and hopefully upwards. And at least the Pride of Devon lost, which is always, always nice.

23 responses to “Leeds Suffering From Terrible Penalty Calls, Even When They’re Not Involved – by Rob Atkinson

  1. It’s sad that you don’t support English teams in European games.


  2. Reality Cheque

    Its mid February Rob and automatic promotion is still in our own hands despite Bielsa not being able to play the same defence in consecutive games since late August due to long term injuries of almost epidemic proportions. Indeed, the EFL gods have even resorted to striking down one of our young stars who wasn’t even on the pitch at Boro!

    Bearing in mind that Bamford was intended to be our main goal threat and Bielsa thought he would still have Saiz as a willing midfield architect for the entire season, we have defied the odds so far.

    Yes, we have had a wobble, just as our main rivals have begun to enjoy winning runs, avoided injuries and enjoyed the benefit of some very favourable penalty decisions BUT we are Leeds United and with Bielsa at the helm to steady the ship we have the best chance of promotion for years

    3 of our next 4 games are home games and sold out, so we will be playing with 12 men and, with key players returning soon we have a great chance of going on a winning run and Marching On Together over the winning line.


  3. Keemar Roofes ‘goal’ against Forest is irrelevant then is it?


    • Well, as Forest got an identical goal at Middlesbrough when Karanka was manager there, it’s hardly something for Twiglets to whinge about. Unless they’re great steaming hypocrites, of course…


  4. Crimson Avenger

    Watched it too Rob with exactly same reaction. Danny Murphy mentioned on a Sky Debate slot a while back that cheating on the field needs to be sorted first (in response to the watching opposition train-gate furore). There was also a debate about racism in football following the abuse of Raheem Sterling and then the recent Millwall chanting about Asians and ‘scousers’ remaining unpunished. As for homophobia, best swept under the carpet whilst the FL use Leeds United as a test case yet again for their clearly ill conceived rules about morality and what’s fit and proper


  5. Mark Fawcett

    Couldn’t agree more Rob … Gayle was as blatant cheating as Gordon Watson’s worldie …further enraged by Sky’s mild & polite discussion around this disgraceful incident & WBAs Tom Daley wannabee. Jesus Prutton calmly saying best way to describe it is ‘debatable’… debatable why you’ve sold us out Prutts by not calling it what it is !!! In contrast earlier in year Alioski anticipates contact in box , rolls over , doesn’t appeal & immediately gets back up in same motion as his fall , yet he gets booked and SKY panel absolutely assassinate Gianni at HT for cheating even tho he clearly never tried to cheat cos he didn’t appeal. Elsewhere Bristol forward cheated to get their last min pen too. Regardless of corrupt decisions in other games, LUFC need to put video evidence case together as our penalty count deficit over last 2 seasons just cannot be justified it’s cheating pure & simple.


  6. Johnny Bangkok

    At least it wasn’t a winner for them Rob..silver linings and all that


  7. Support English teams in Europe??? What the hell is that about you prawn sandwich eater, you support ONE team and that’s it for life, unless of course you’re one of the “football started with the Premier League” brigade.


  8. James Rigby

    Well said Rob. Seem to remember a few years ago someone (not sure if he was a journalist or just a fan) asking a current ref what did he and other ref’s think of super leeds, ref said ‘oh yes its true – none of us like Leeds’. Anyway hope we get a fair ref tonight and are more clinical in front of goal than recent games
    Motic (in china!)


  9. Patrick Joseph Hogan

    Oh come on Rob! You’re allowing your paranoia to support your twisted view of the evidence. One penalty in 70-odd games? I think you’ll find it’s two – a massive 100% per cent increase on that. Oh hang on! I’ve just remembered. That other one after thirty-odd seconds was ruled out for an offside that only one person (not even wearing glasses) saw out of all the thousands. And of course, he happened to be a linesman.


  10. Philip of Spain.

    Did you also notice that Bristol City got a winning penalty late on?I didn’t watch the West From game but when I saw it was Gayle,I just knew!!


  11. Life is LUFC

    Time we had the clock back 🙂


  12. howard mackey

    Morning Rob,i dont think our luck is ever going to change for the better what with the bad refs and the E.F.L.hanging around like a bad smell.
    Its up to our lads to take control and start winning and claim that top spot again and put other teams to the sword, we are more than capable of showing the E.F.L.and the rest of the teams in this league we mean business.
    Regards ,H.


  13. Well we did tonight 2.1 and guess yes swans awarded a penalty.


  14. At least Gayle’s up before the FA for his dive, hopefully he’ll be banned when we play the Baggies … oh wait ………….


  15. Wow, so Gayle gets a 2 match ban, he’ll be back in time to play against us, rested and refreshed. Meanwhile, the result stands, which is unfair to Notts Florists ( not that I give a toss about them) and all the other clubs involved in the promotion race.


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