Derby Well Aware of How to Beat Leeds: Concede a Penalty, Go Down to Ten Men – by Rob Atkinson


Genius Lampard, wondering how early to concede that penalty and go down to ten men

There are no flies on Derby County supercoach Frank Lampard. All season long, he’s been pointing out that anything Marcelo Bielsa can do, he can do at least as well, or even better. When Bielsa gave his Powerpoint presentation in the wake of Spygate, Lampard was swift to assure anyone who would listen that “we do that too”. And when Leeds United‘s coach earned plaudits for sportsmanship after insisting that Aston Villa be permitted to score an equaliser at Elland Road, Fearless Frank was there again, insisting that his team also stood back to let the opposition score, and pointing to the evidence of two league games against Leeds this season when they have politely conceded six goals in achieving zero points.

And now, it appears that the Lampard genius has identified the fatal weakness in the Elland Road psyche, whereby the Whites are quite incapable of avoiding defeat when the opposition concede a penalty and are reduced to ten men. Both Wigan and Ipswich have employed this crafty route to victory against Leeds, ridding themselves of their habitual uselessness to baffle the Whites into defeat. It’s a ploy that a man of Lampard’s ability will not have failed to note; stand by for a wild Richard Keogh swipe to bring down Kemar Roofe in the box as he bears down on goal early in the first leg at Pride Park. Red card, penalty – and it’ll be “job done”, as a certain former Rams manager might say.

I jest, of course. The thing is, though – in this crazy season, where the unlikely and the unimaginable have become the norm – something as daft as that could well happen. The only difference might be that it wouldn’t happen in Leeds’ favour. The Whites enter the playoffs at such a low ebb, you can’t help seeing your glass as half-empty, if not drained to the dregs.

Then again, they do say that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. It’s been a pretty dark, bleak month to finish off a dismal second half of the season, so the rosy glow of a new dawn for Leeds United might just be about to light up that far horizon, beyond which lies the Promised Land of the Premier League. You just never know.

Marching On Together!

21 responses to “Derby Well Aware of How to Beat Leeds: Concede a Penalty, Go Down to Ten Men – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Philip of Spain.

    The similarities between Wigan and Ips,Isp oh I give up, are uncanny.10 men,Penalty, possesion shots on and off target ? Rather they got that banana out of the way,it made no difference Derby are going to lose both games.Just hope Mr.Bielsa gives us some shooting practice.


  2. I fear the worst unfortunately.


  3. Thinlizzywhite

    Don’t mean to be pessimistic but we need to plan for championship football next season. We don’t have the mental strength or resolve to win the playoffs. Great season but threw it away on very poor performances over Easter.
    Truth be told we have been found out as an average team punching above its weight with no descent goal scorer.
    Radz fault for zero to limited player investment.
    And be prepared for a summer exit of any player worth his salt.
    Sad end to season … pitiful performances … and Derby, if not Villa In the final will put us to the sword.


  4. Our form is poor and our Goalie is strange.
    Playing top teams in the play-offs is good for us, if we have the mental strength.
    Where are the goals to come from?
    However, if Mr Bielsa stays, and James Milner joins us next season, I will be happy.
    I would play Berardi at left back in the playoffs.
    Clarke wide left, instead of Harrison.
    I’d rather have BPF in goal.


  5. Life is LUFC

    Are some of our players sabotaging the end of season and hence the playoffs because they know many of them will be out of the door if they win promotion because that it is how it looks to me at the moment. So go out there and prove me wrong and just for once play like you mean business.
    For the first time in years we have multiple penalties awarded and they go and miss making the best of the opportunities…… (it’s as if the ref’s have been told award as many as you like they’ll miss them anyway). Hell they only have to beat the keeper and I know for a fact the keepers were different men in all penalties. Can you imagine the scene if it goes to penalties for the win!!!!! Seven games and two wins that adds up to 20 points lost (there was a draw in there as well and I am now suspicious of that).
    Sorry about that Rob but they made me so mad today I feel as though I have been betrayed.


  6. Yep. I’d like to see a couple of changes but I’m not sure Bielsa will make any in such massive games. BFP for me. Casilla persistently makes daft sprints off his line and I can see him repeating this.
    The bench today had 4 or 5 academy lads on it and I would love to see at least a couple of these given a start.
    I’m not exactly confident but getting past Derby over two legs is hardly mission impossible. Cut out the glaring errors and convert more of the chances we will continue to create and Bob’s yer uncle.


  7. Reality Cheque

    I wonder whether Bielsa and his coaching team are as confused and disappointed as the fans regarding their season long failure to rectify our abysmally poor chance conversion rate despite consistently impressive possession and chance creation stats Rob

    Hopefully, Radrizzani will invest the money he has saved, (not having to pay for the player’s trip to Las Vegas as reward for getting promoted), on a couple of decent strikers so that we can have a proper crack at automatic promotion next season


    • Lets just see which team turns up on Saturday night but due to my suspicious nature I tend to go along with Life Is LUFCs comments regarding certain players reluctance to go up. Should we fail to go up then Orta has to go surely? His recruitment has been pretty abysmal to be honest. I would estimate that its one out of three that’s been any good with the majority being nowhere near the first team. The goalkeeping situation should have been addressed last summer as BPF is decent but inexperienced while Kasillas is decent but prone to madness. If Bielsa really is a master tactician then why doesn’t he have a plan B when we’re up against it? He seems far too generous to the opposition,letting them score,letting them know the team days in advance and keeping the same formation and expecting to win. Jack Clarke up front for me,he certainly won’t trip over the ball in the box.


      • But Jack has been seriously off colour since coming back from that scare at Boro. I wonder if this forthcoming documentary will shed much light on what’s gone on and been said behind the scenes this season.


  8. The stats tell it all, Ipswich 6 shots 3 goals Leeds 27 shots 7 on target 2 goals, i can’t help feeling that the other managers have sussed us out, if i was Bielsa i’d spend all the spare time they have making them take penalties, it’s like watching the gang who couldn’t shoot straight


  9. Mate of mine said earlier a 25yo Beckford playing this season would have meant tonight party time, lifes a bitch Rob.


  10. My head tells me one thing, but my heart. Is telling me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get a grip. We play better against strong opposition and every decent fan will also tell you where the banana skins are. Penalty, banana skin, ten men banana skin, total possession banana skin, facing relegation banana skin, never won for so many games banana skin. We are going to play our guts out and Derby will know they have been in a game. Anyway, Norwich will do well in the Premiere as for the Sheffield read Huddersfield, Derby, read Cardiff. The fat lady is not singing yet.


  11. Dear Frankie, NO!, I’m not happy to see you, that’s me bolt cutters.


  12. I didn’t think I’d see so much pessimism on here, 3 more wins, or a win, draw, win is all we need. We play better against decent teams, we beat everyone in the top 6. Keep on fighting till the end.


  13. and as expected Lawrence of Adivea escapes ban because of his shirt.


  14. king sniffer

    My glass hasn’t got much in it either, but after the events of this week we just have to remember that anything can happen in this soul sapping or spirit soaring game! MOT


  15. James Ryan

    Frankie needs reminding Vinny goes to Hollywood.


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