Ex-pro Noel Hunt Confirms the Damage SOME Leeds Fans are Doing to Patrick Bamford – by Rob Atkinson


Short and sweet today. Please read the article linked below, and reassure yourself (if you can) that you’re not contributing to the angst of a professional footballer wearing the shirt and badge of Leeds United.

If you can honestly say that you’ve not joined in with the barrage of online abuse suffered by Patrick Bamford this season and Noel Hunt before him (as well as others in between), then good for you. You’re a true Leeds fan, whether you attend matches or not.

But if you know in your heart that you’ve acted as Hunt describes so-called “supporters” acting in this illuminating piece – then, surely, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. And ask yourself the crucial question: “Is Leeds United really the club for me?”



Marching On Together



22 responses to “Ex-pro Noel Hunt Confirms the Damage SOME Leeds Fans are Doing to Patrick Bamford – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Gerald Hobbs

    He’s not scoring goals – right.
    BUT he works hard EVERY game in laying off for others and holding up play to get support.
    He needs help up front and is not suited to one up top.
    Our biggest problem is letting in silly goals. Not scoring costs us two points BUT letting in silly goals has cost us THREE goals and without those stupid mistakes in goal we would be way out in front.


  2. Life is LUFC

    Patrick if you are reading this……Keep up the good work lad, the goals will come when they are good and ready but the work you do in other areas of the field is terrific. Turn on the selective hearing device and bleep out the negative, you are doing a great job. ⚽️ ⭐️
    With you all the way on this one Rob. He is our only lad up front and he needs all the positives in the world to help him get through this drought.


  3. Thinlizzywhite

    Very powerful article. A lot of our fans all but destroyed Morrison whilst he was at Leeds. I do feel sorry for Bamford because when the rub of the green is against you everything goes wrong. He was criticised again for accidentally deflecting a goal bound ball into the arms of the keeper Wednesday night. You truly couldn’t write that scenario.
    The problem is he works so damned hard and plays such an important role in the team but scoring has almost become like a war of attrition for him.
    The man needs a break but you can’t see one coming.
    In the end … we are back to winning ways and the pressure he applies to defences helps to create chances. At this point in the season I’ll take one nil wins every game … even if it’s cost me my nails!
    I love this team, I love Bielsa and I hope to high heaven we go up as that’s the only way we’ll keep the lot of them.
    Oh, and I agree with the article … on line you should have to openly show who you are and not hide behind a pseudonym (says Thinlizzywhite!) Ahem!


  4. Gerald Hobbs

    …Despite – but it would be much easier looking down!!


  5. S.t holder in south stand and go away quite often.. just to clarify ive never given anyone any rubbish on social media so dont tarnish me with that brush but.. i do believe that if you do go to the games like me and pay a hell of a lot of money to do so.. if you want to give a player who is not doing what theyre supposed to do some stick.. then your entitled to voice your opinion. Bottom line is If the players cant handle getting abused.. COME OFF SOCIAL MEDIA thats the answer
    or rise above the hatred. Bamford is a good player across the park, but his job is scoring goals so people are going to be annoyed.. footballs for the fans at the end day is it not?


    • The trouble is, that tends to make the haters feel justified, when really they’re not. Support is support, abuse is abuse, there’s no crossover. The pro’s view as outlined by Hunt is that this stuff does do damage, and if you think about it, that’s obvious. Professional sport is finely tuned to give every player and team that edge, and anything detracting from that is not needed.


  6. Great article, Rob,
    I’d suggest every potential signing be made to read it before joining the great Leeds United. Whilst there is no excuse for the cowardly T’internet trolls, there is a higher expectation at Elland Road than if a player plays for Reading, Swindon etc.
    The real crime is the woeful recruitment that took place over the last ten years.
    Even the Habibous, Morrisons, and Varneys want cheering on whilst wearing the shirt, perhaps those who recruited them want questioning


    • I do think any footballer selected by a Leeds United manager to wear the shirt and cross the white line, deserves to do so with the full support of all parties, and without people calling themselves supporters engaging in destructive mass online tirades. Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned.


  7. In which case Rob if you actually believe dissent among some supporters is affecting Bamford i suggest you direct your ire towards the person who selects him every week. This wouldn’t have happened under any other coach. Firstly,players should be selected due to form,secondly if Bielsa thinks so much of Bamford then he has a duty of care and if criticism is indeed getting to the player then he should rest him and replace. Unfortunately Bielsa may not have as much “savvy” as some might think because it’s just embarrassing the amount of chances that are going begging without conversion. Further embarrassment in the fact that our only other striker signed in January is deemed overweight/unfit or injured. Couple this with the fact we only have the league to focus on having left the FA cup in the usual 3rd round yet should have been home and hosed by now just about. West Brom are on a nice little run and 4 points clear but they’re scoring goals


    • Yeah, but I have no problem with Bielsa Mick, though I suspect you do. I think he’s a genius and makes the right calls the vast majority of the time, with the rest being stuff you can’t plan for, well-documented ref calls etc, without which we’d probably be six points better off. So the refs have a case to answer, but so does our online army of clueless muppets, with all due deference to your good self. I’ve still seen only a couple of games this season where I haven’t thought, we should have won that, easy. That’s down to Bielsa and his selections. I’ve also noted that, when Bamford hasn’t been on the field, we’ve invariably looked a less effective unit. If it hadn’t been for all the negativity, and please listen to Mr. Hunt on that, I’m sure that PB would have added more goals to his all-round effectiveness.


      • I don’t have a problem with Bielsa just yet but whether or not he’s a genius remains to be seen. Personally I think this team are far,far better than west brom yet trail them. Why is that? We’ve certainly played some great football but there have been some strange decisions or lack of decisions that have cost us games. He has shown too much loyalty to underperforming players and as for the transfer window. What was the point? It would be worth remembering also that loyalty goes both ways,such as the diving incident that got a certain player suspended in the run in last season then on his first game back he did it again. Its a tough world and if a man is prepared to accept great rewards for a few hours work per week he shouldn’t be getting all Hurty Hurty when he gets a bit stick. This is where man management comes in,you rest a player or bring him on late on when you’re winning and the pressure is off but for reasons known only to Bielsa,Orta and Radz we don’t have back up. That’s genius,having a plan b and c.


      • Why is that? Refs, Mick. Refs. Check out us at Fulham and Millwall, then West Brom at Preston. It makes a big difference, and that’s not even the whole story.


  8. Bamford is a quality player, but he’s reaping the consequences of being played out of his best position which is either left sided attacker or second striker. Also Bielsa’s tactics push opponents back so much Bamford rarely gets to use his pace and skill one on one, he’s always in a packed area. Surprised Leeds didn’t sign a centre forward like Llorente. Good in the air, good finisher.


  9. My take is that the one true sin for a player is to bag it on the pitch. Patrick Bamford gives his all for the club every time he steps on the pitch and I cannot deny his work rate.

    I do wish he would score more often, but I wish every player in a Leeds shirt would score at least a brace every match so I know my hopes are unrealistic. I do think we’re better served by substituting him at around 60-70 minutes when we’re looking for a goal late but he’s done wonders for the side every match he’s played.


    • Agreed. Opposing teams tend to be out on their feet for the last twenty, mainly because Bamford in particular has run them ragged. If we do go up, his contribution will have been absolutely immense.


  10. I have said it once and I have said it many times and I will continue to say it until I am blue the face. There is a world of difference, an almghty difference between constructive criticism and downright insults along with foul language that some and thank goodness a very few so called fans indulge in on these media sites. They use it very much like the cowardly poison pen letter writers we used to hear about. People who wouldn’t have the courage or the guts or the bottle to say it TO YOUR FACE. Put these so called clever dicks on the same platform of any professional player, coach, manager and there is a good chance that within minutes most would look very foolish, very naïve and stupid. Why ? because like life itself it’s not what you think you know it’s all about experience, and unless you have lived it, breathed it and tasted it then quite frankly you know nothing. It’s also about respect. It’s like somebody doing down your family when they know nothing about you and you wouldn’t put up with it. Bamford is an honest, decent, good footballer. Ok so he doesn’t have that natural ability thats associated with proven top strikers. I think like many he should be rested and somebody else given a chance to show what they can do but Bielsa sees what you and I DONT and that’s good enough for me. Apart from that, just who are you going to replace him with. This is constructive criticism and not an insult or a word of contempt anywhere. Oh, and on the same lines, don’t think for one minute you are any better, any more qualified or any more experienced because you pay your good money to watch your team as opposed to listening or watching from the armchair. Some of us were paying our hard earned pittance for many years long before you were a twinkle in your mother’s eyes and we have grown old loving this club. Nice one Rob, always spot on.


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