Three Leeds Wishes: Norwich Down, Snodgrass Back & Cellino Approved – by Rob Atkinson


As a long-suffering Leeds fan, I’ve learned to temper my expectations and to live with disappointment for the vast majority of the time.  Such is the lot of most genuine football fans, only the plastic glory-hunters can expect much better – and even they will eventually experience hard times, as the fate of Man U this season is comically proving.  So my wishes tend to be few and simple, and right now they can be distilled down to three major desires I’d love to see fulfilled over the next couple of months.

For once, none of these revolve around disease, pestilence or other misfortunes for those lovely people at the Theatre of Hollow Myths.  The poor old Pride of Devon are having a horrible season and the red quarter of Manchester has had to suffer anew today, watching the city’s premier club walk off with the season’s first silverware.  I wish bad cess to them, as ever, but they seem to be screwing up all on their own at the moment, so I can devote my wishes elsewhere in the knowledge that the Evil Empire is crumbling of its own accord – I’ll just offer up a small prayer for Mr Moyes, who is doing such a fantastic job over there on t’wrong side of t’Hills.

My wishes then, are as follows:

  1. I would very much like Norwich City to get relegated.  This would scratch an itch that’s been troubling me for a few years now, ever since a bunch of backwoods yonners started raiding my beloved Leeds and their yokel fans began gloating about the circumstances which brought this ridiculous state of affairs about.  I really can’t stand jumped-up little clubs acting above their station, and Norwich have been guilty of this several times lately – so I’m afraid I wish doom upon them – and after today’s meek loss at Villa, I might just get what I’m after.  If they got relegated, it would be some sort of karma, and it’d be bloody funny besides.  So screw you, Delia – oh dear, how sad, tough.  I’m sure you’ll be able to drown your sorrows when this joyous event comes to pass.
  2. Related to (1) above – I want Snoddy back.  He’s class, he’s far too good for a tiny little outfit like Naaaaaaarritch – and he belongs at Leeds.  There’s a rumour that we have first option – so if that’s true, if Norwich get relegated and IF we’re rich enough (see 3) – then it’d be rude not to enforce our contractual rights and nick Snoddy back. I do believe he’d be a better person for it, too.  But then again, I’m biased.
  3. This could really be number 1 – however, I had spite to vent on Norwich City first.  But it’s vital that we get Massimo Cellino confirmed as Leeds United owner as soon as possible, so we really need the Football League to get off their arses, get their finger out and get it sorted, quickly.  All prayers beyond that for David Moyes should be directed towards this desirable outcome.  When we get the ownership outcome sorted, we can look forward to a substantially different investment and transfer policy, ownership of Elland Road, and much, much more, as they say in the adverts. Make it happen, the sooner the better.

The granting of these three wishes will do me for now – but inevitably they would lead on to more wishes of an increasingly ambitious and extravagant nature.  This is only to be expected – Leeds have been poor relations for far too long, and it’s high time we had some seriously good things to look forward to. So: whoever’s in charge of these things – please take note.  Sort out these three small wishes for me, and stand by for further communications in the near future.

Thank you.

22 responses to “Three Leeds Wishes: Norwich Down, Snodgrass Back & Cellino Approved – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Evening Rob

    I was saying the same thing about Snods to my pop whilst watching the Villa game. Id really like Howson back too, he would be ideal in our midfield and still young enough to not be over the hill thank god.

    I think the fact that Cellino has stumped up his own money to sign two quality additions speaks volumes, I wish we had had Wickham on loan since January, think we would be 2nd by now, does loads off the ball, looks a handful in the air, can shoot and isnt easilly beaten off the ball. Id like Jack Collinson or maybe Rodwell whilst we are waiting for Snods and Howson to return.

    Really pleased with the effort and pressing yesterday,Murphy and Austin were immense in midfield. On a darker note(no pun intended) why do Stewart and Kebe resemble anything other than a footballer when they sign for us, I would’nt offer either of the two of them a contract.

    Im optimistic as I can see Norwich going down fingers crossed, bet Luciano feels gutted to have left for that bunch of carrot crunchers

    Keep up the good work Rob


  2. Couldn’t have put it better myself, maybe one more signing to see us into the play offs then Norwich relegated and Snoddy back next year would be slightly better.


  3. keep rubbing you’re lamp rob but i just can’t see snoddy coming back , the other two wishes are easy , done and dusted as far as i can see


  4. These are also my wishes (almost!) Rob. I would add Fabian Delph to that wish list, he was immense for Villa today. Taxi for GFH?
    Jepo MOT


  5. I am of much the same opinion, I would like to see Norwich go down this season and looking at their remaining fixtures I think they will be in the bottom 3 in less than two weeks and no chance of getting out. I say “this season” as teams like Norwich and most other teams trying not to get sucked into the vortex of the bottom 3 places are always going down. they just do their bit part appearance for 2-3 years then it’s back down to let someone else have a go so “let’s be having you” back down here. I know people hate us saying it because jealousy is a cruel mistress but we are the only club down here that can build up to a top four team again. Don’t agree with letting Snodgrass come grovelling back if we go up though. We would have done the same as Norwich and Southampton from League 1 if we had of kept Grade, Schmicael, Snoddy, Howson, Beckford etc etc but they don’t have the resolve of McCormack so should suffer the huge defeats they left us for at Norwich and then suffer the consequences in due course.


  6. Ps @McCormack, Bremner would be proud. Take us back where we belong.


  7. Can we have Howson, BJ and Luciano back too, please?


  8. Dave Sales

    My wish would be to win the Euro millions (about 150 million) and then I would be the new owner of Leeds united! Martin O’ neill would be manager and Snoddy back as captain. I would also get scientists to get me clones of Radebe and Yeboah to name a couple!


  9. Reality Cheque

    Evening Rob, another great post. Am I being too optimistic, greedy and consuming too many shandies, to suggest that wishes number one and two should also involve Kebe and Stewart putting in transfer requests and demanding a move to…………….you’ve guessed it Norwich !!!!, in exchange for Snoddy, & Hooloran (plus a couple of million quid), thereby guaranteeing that Norwich get relegated and we get Snodders back. If Cellino also becomes our new owner I will go to church and say thank you, thank you, thank you, (although, living in Devon I might not be able to get into the church cos its packed with scum fans holding all night vigils praying for mercy, miracles and the return of the Glaswegian Messiah !!!!) MOT


  10. It would be poetic justice if Norwich get relegated and they have their best players stolen from them for peanuts.
    Snodgrass, Howson and Becchio were all worth at least 5 million each, but Leeds received a combined total of 5.5 million for all 3 players, which was daylight robbery from a so called Premiership club.
    I really hate a small club like Norwich for cherry picking Leeds best players, but they were on a level playing field with Leeds in League 1 and also in the Championship, but they went one step further by having the bottle to get automatic promotion to the Premiership, when Leeds sadly once again fell apart in the final 10 games.


  11. It would just be great to have some long term stability at the club and to see more players of the calibre of Butland and Wickham. We do appear to attract owners from the most interesting background…none of which are very stable. It doesn’t look as of things are about to change although we could begin to see some better quality footballers coming in.


  12. Brilliant Rob mate.

    I have a long lost shirt in my wardrobe that has SNODDY’S name on the back. I would love to be able to wear this again, as it means my Snodds is home!

    He belongs with us and needs to be playing on our right side of midfield. A brilliant player and one who tried to stand up for the team more so then Johnny Howson.

    Bring him home and suffer Norwich Scum!



  13. Counte Of Monte Fisto

    Personally I don’t blame Norwich I blame a bearded vile santa who craved cash for himself over the benefit of our club.
    The damage that creature did to us was immense & yet he was FIT & PROPER according to the FL. All Norwich did was fall hungrily upon a weakened prey, that said I want them down 100%
    In terms of Snodgrass he wanted out so lets leave him behind & move on. If Wickham & Butland are the level of recruits going forwards bring it on!
    My priorities 1 – Leeds get Cellino in & he spends to give us qa squad deserving of the shirt 2 – Barnsley relegated (6 extra points if they do) 3 – Schuum don’t get top 4 & are out of the CL 4 – Norwich down
    Come on its not too much to ask is it


  14. Yeah it would be funny if norwich went down,but i’d like west ham to go down too. They’re another waste of space who can’t fill their ground. Sunderland too,watch how many they get for their next home game yet they can magic up 30k for wembley. Firstly and most importantly BM,kebe,stewart,hunt,haigh and gfh can all frig off. I may get my wish regarding our two “wingers” or the “full backs delight” as they ought to be known,cos i can’t see BM playing them against Bolton as they’ll get slaughtered.


    • dickoleeds

      I recognise I am in the minority but while I agree about Hunt I think Kebe and Stewart should be given a chance. Kebe is improving and works hard. I think we should let him and Stewart have a run til the end of the season and then judge. Loan signings are usually slow to start because they have not been playing. Was at Loftus road and Wickham is a proper handful….hopw we can sign him perm. Come on Cellino!!


  15. David Barff

    While we are dreaming I want James Milner back


  16. Apparently BM and Connor Wickham are manning the Ticket office phones on Thursday. I’m going to ask him if he’s putting kebe,stewart and hunt in the squad before i buy any tickets. Can anyone clarify the FL emergency loan rules please? As i understand them so far,we’re only allowed to play Five at any one time. Does that mean we could sign more than five as long as we keep to the on-field quota? Also, are we allowed to cut short any loan deals due to players under performing?


    • I would hope Leeds could cut short a loan move for underperforming , as deliberately injuring them so they go back to thier parent club does seem a bit harsh. But then again???
      Yup Norwich down please, although the fact they bought our (best ?) players cheap, was not really thier fault, It was our money grabbing b******d of an owner.


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