Nervous Leeds Struggle to Beat No-Hopers Millwall – by Rob Atkinson


. Dozy Old Lions

Leeds United 2, Millwall 1

Leeds achieved two unlikely outcomes in this scrappy match at Elland Road. Firstly, they actually contrived to win a game of football. Secondly, in doing so, they still managed to make a team as poor as Millwall look half-decent. The win is a fact, it’s in the record books. Millwall’s appearance of being any better than awful is surely deceptive.

The Londoners, cheered on by literally dozens of loyal followers, started fast and looked to live up to their manager’s claim that they’d be seeking victory in their Cup Final. Leeds, habitually nervous amid the great expectations of the home support, were harried into frantic defence and seemed set to concede yet another defeat to an undeniably inferior side.

Yet it was the Whites who took the lead after 18 minutes, Matt Smith looping a header over and beyond Lions keeper Dunne from a long throw. The goal settled United somewhat and they coped rather better with the pallid threat of the visitors for the remainder of the half – and with only four minutes left to the interval, they pounced on the toothless Lions to score again. This time it was McCormack’s finish from a tight angle which gave the half-time score a slightly flattering look at 2-0.

In the second half, Leeds were back to their bad old ways of making mediocre opposition look much better than they should. The fact that Millwall managed only one goal in a 45 minutes of forgettable football said more about the paucity of their finishing than it did about Leeds’ defending, adequate though it was. A better team – and there are many better teams than Millwall – could easily have taken United to the cleaners today. As it was, Millwall boasted the best moment of a desultory game with sublime volleyed finish after minutes.

Leeds have interrupted a desperately poor run of form and Millwall confirmed their position as likely candidates for relegation – and that about sums up this dismal spectacle. For Leeds, the three points were far more important than the performance, which is fortunate for them. For Millwall, it’s time to look out the League One road maps as they seem destined to wreak their mayhem at a more accustomed, lowly level next year. If they can muster a few more away fans, that is…

Leeds United: Butland, Byram (Wootton 90), Lees, Pearce, Pugh, Mowatt (Tonge 84), Austin, Murphy, Wickham (Hunt 86), McCormack, Smith. Subs (not used): Cairns, Warnock, Stewart, Poleon.

Millwall: Dunne, Robinson, Beevers, Lowry, Upson (Campbell 57), Garvan, Onyedinma (Jackson 59), McDonald, Woolford, Marquis (Maierhofer 57). Subs (not used): Bywater, Fredericks, Abdou, Powell.

10 responses to “Nervous Leeds Struggle to Beat No-Hopers Millwall – by Rob Atkinson

  1. I was expecting an equaliser rob , didn’t go just had sky on but felt nervous myself , don’t really understand why the players are nervous at elland road , would they rather play in front of 7 or 8 thousand like many of the clubs in this poor league . On another note fl are taking the Mickey now over takeover and that makes me extremely nervous . Mot


  2. China white

    Rob, I get the feeling you’re not that fond of Millwall…


  3. It’s a concern that former players are called upon to give pre-match pep talks though. Further proof that BM lacks a pair. Does he get the local randy/handyman in to fulfill his marital obligations? What would have been the outcome if Vinny hadn’t gave them a motivational talk?


  4. Respect to Holloway for his post match comments


  5. Peter Hill

    Hi Rob,
    Oooooops!!!! Forde was the Millwall keeper today!


  6. Respect to Holloway my arse, yes we were nervous. The club is teetering on a knife edge and he and his team couldn’t take advantage. If he had won he would’nt have spouted any of this nonsense, he plays to the media. We know we are in a right mess we don’t need Holloway to use that as get out for his owns teams dire position or performance. Patronising pillock.


  7. not sure if the result is better than performance,it means BMCD stays a bit longer,,,’ Austin plays another f***ing game and the club keeps going backwards ,MCD EVEN said he thought we did well,God help us and those who still think Austin can play football


  8. My seats are right next to the away fans in the West Stand.

    Quite a lot of banter, and that twat who tried running onto the pitch after the first goal.

    Post match, I think the Millwall fans had 2 coppers each escorting them into their bus compound, cowards!

    Also, Hollaway nearly got taken out by the ball, we cheered (in good humour) he turned around and smiled.

    3 points, thank you.

    But the last 20 minutes were ever so slightly nerve racking.


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