Free-falling Leeds Hammer Nails in Millwall and Barnsley Coffins – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds lose yet again

Leeds lose yet again

Leeds’ shambolic collection of bottlers predictably meandered to yet another defeat at Elland Road as Charlton picked up a rare three points on the road.  No surprises there, merely a hint of something to raise the eyebrows as United kept it down to one, making a welcome change from the lavish generosity of their defence over the past few games.  It’s not even that upsetting when Leeds lose any more – it just adds to the cumulative weariness of a season long ruined by dishonest and self-seeking men off and on the field of play.  The magnificent Leeds supporters have carried off all the laurels due at Elland Road this campaign.  They have been there through thin and thinner; the highlights have been few, the disappointments and betrayals many – and yet still they turned up, those amazing members of the White Army, raucous and indomitable everywhere Leeds have played, startling fans on away grounds into an awed and respectful silence.

The Charlton game will not have added appreciably to those fans’ suffering. Their preoccupation is with off the field matters, as it has been for some time. It’s become more and more obvious that the one man out there honest enough to see how things are, and outspoken enough to lay it on the line as to what needs doing, is the man currently waiting to see if he will be allowed to set about saving a famous old club.  Massimo Cellino has ranted his way into the hearts and minds of United’s fans, fans who notoriously love a nutter with passion in his heart.  The decision as to his ownership of the Club will be made known in the next few days; on that decision, it is not fanciful to say, rests the whole future of a club that has been massively let down over the past few years – by just about anyone you care to name, aside from a select few players and staff.  And, of course, those phenomenal fans.

The real losers coming out of this latest defeat to Charlton are, in fact, two clubs whose fans normally wish Leeds United no good at all, but who will have been on their knees praying for an unlikely Whites win.  If there’s a crumb of comfort out there, I’m in the mood to seize on it – and the fact that Barnsley and Millwall would have been hoping for three points for Leeds does provide more than a hint of satisfaction.  A glance at the league table makes this quite clear.  We were looking at a group of death in the bottom four of the Championship, but it was noticeable that Charlton had a good few games in hand due to their Cup exploits.  The win at Leeds has seen them open up a three point gap over Barnsley, despite the Tykes’ recent good form, and a comfortable FIVE points over a hapless Millwall side.  And the Addicks still have a game in hand over Barnsley and two over Millwall.  So Leeds’ abject failure against Charlton has done a power of no-good to two clubs whose fans’ attitude towards United leaves them deserving no favours from our part of West Yorkshire.  I have to admit, that leaves me with a slightly malicious smile on my face.  The fact that the normally-reliable Ross McCormack missed a late, late penalty to ensure the full three-point hammer-blow to the Tykes and the Bermondsey Scum, just added a slightly piquant touch.  ‘Ave it, I thought.

As far as this blog is concerned, the priorities for the rest of this wretched season are few and simple.  First, we need to have Cellino approved; this immediately changes the whole picture at Elland Road and provides a foundation upon which to build.  The alternative, quite frankly, doesn’t bear thinking about.   Secondly – let’s not have this latest defeat go to waste.  Let Charlton Athletic use their three easy-gained points at our expense as a springboard to survival, and let’s see Barnsley and that odious, horrible club Millwall consigned to the lower leagues where they belong.  And thirdly, on a totally unrelated plane, let Bayern Munich finish the job against Man U next week, before losing in their turn in the next round.  These are relatively simple and realistic wishes; let them be granted. After this horrible, horrible season, I deserve no less – and I would hope a good proportion of my fellow Leeds fans would also draw some comfort in the fate of others, whilst celebrating a new era for ourselves, under our passionate, committed and insane Italian lunatic.

If that little lot comes true, then perhaps we can look forward to better times next season.  A Championship that would be all the more fragrant and lovable without the likes of Millwall and Barnsley.  A club under strong leadership, with money available to fund the big-club aspirations a big club should rightly have.  That will do for me, as a starting point.  If we can take the first step towards realising such a scenario in this fateful, historic week – then things will look, suddenly, not so bad.

25 responses to “Free-falling Leeds Hammer Nails in Millwall and Barnsley Coffins – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Spongenose

    Somebody, somewhere HAS to be accountable by law for the quite obvious and blatant fraud / swindling / embezzlement that has taken place at our great club? Perhaps Massimo knows who they are and perhaps that is why the collective grime ball of guilty parties from Bates to GFH to Haigh and to the FL will do all they can to ensure he will never be able to blow his whistle on the lot of them. May they all rot in hell for what they have done!


  2. I think that I am just left feeling numb with this result also not expecting much in the way of performance.There is no way BRIAN is going to walk away from this,the trouble is that he thinks he is doing a good job under the circumstances ,but it has been as bad as this since Christmas. I feel like I am repeating myself ,De navy.when is it going to end.One thing Brian knows is that he will be shown the door no matter who becomes the owner of leeds United. Just let’s hope it is Massimo cellino. Another good blog MOT


  3. SnifferClarkesBoots

    Wonderful. But you’re forgetting one thing Rob – at this rate we might be joining them. A bleak thought, but right now that’s all I come to expect. Sigh!


    • I didn’t forget it – it was in that “the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about” bit. I didn’t want to be too explicitly downbeat when trying to extract comfort from another pisspoor performance! 😉


  4. Looks like we could be joined by Wolves, Brentford and possibly a Grayson-led PNE next season. Certainly an improvement.
    The only fly in the ointment for us, should the unthinkable-but-you-just-know-it-can-only-happen-to-us QC verdict go against Cellino, is if no other bid materialises and we slip into admin and cop the famous 10-point penalty? We’d be right down among the dead men!
    I realise we’ve passed the threshold for this season’s application of any deduction, but the FL can apparently bend its own rules at will and I’m not taking Championship survival for granted.
    By the way Rob, any clues on the identity of the mystery “Manchester-based businessman” who is preparing his own takeover bid should Massimo be rejected? Might be just paper talk, but interesting all the same.


    • There’s no bending of rules required – they’re thoroughly bent already. If the ten point penalty would make the difference between us staying up and going down this season, then it would be applied, regardless of deadlines. I’ve heard talk of a Manchester businessman, but no details.


    • 10 points

      Come on, you just know the FL would be itching to set “an example” with a record deduction


  5. Spongenose

    The Manchester businessman? Why of course – it’s that Neville / Butt / Neville triumverate. Now wouldn’t that be our luck?!!


  6. I’m glad I’m retired and don’t have to get up for work. I can’t sleep. In all the 50 years loving this club II have never felt so sick. Cellino MUST be given a chance .


  7. David Smith

    Rob – for once I could not bring myself to listen to the commentary on LUTV and decided instead to incur the wrath my lady wife by glancing at the TV red button text for the score whilst she was watching Holby ! (Big mistake)! Lately there is a certain numbness, resignation and acceptance of our team’s final score, but then the pain returned on hearing of the missed penalty in the 93rd ! The footballing gods are having a laugh aren’t they? This has to be rock bottom ?


  8. Cellino sees how it is? Do you really believe that Hunt cost nearly 2 million and is on £25,000 a week? I don’t…


    • It DOES stretch the bounds of credibility somewhat. On the one hand, the conversation is authenticated. On the other, a profoundly tired and emotional Cellino did seem to have some difficulty distinguishing his McCormacks and McDermotts, so errors of identification and detail are not unlikely.

      Nevertheless, regarding the bigger picture, I reckon the Mad Italian is spot on.


  9. It was the usual suspects who let us down tonight, in my view. Pearce was crap and to blame for their goal. (I don’t blame Ross for missing. He’s earnt the right to do that occasionally.)

    McDermott tonight: “Someone’s just said to me that people are saying I should resign.

    “Well actually, if people know what’s gone on here and what I’ve had to go through…”

    Exactly. He should have a chance to fix things.


  10. GFH and Bates both have a lot to answer for, but my biggest concern during this entire horrible season, has been the fitness of the Leeds players or unfitness in their case. That is down to the clueless McDermott and his training staff, who seem to be producing a squad of players, who all have a great difficulty in running and they even have trouble keeping up with players playing for teams at the bottom of the Championship.
    McDermott’s non-performing players are a bunch of unfit cowards, hiding behind every excuse in the book, which is what struggling relegation teams seem to do every season.
    McDermott should resign now, because anybody could now do a better job than him.


    • You are spot on paul, even if they are not the best footballers that is no excuse for the lack of fitness.there is a malaise throughout the club and it is up to Brian to put it right but he is so inept he doesn’t know how.We are just drifting and could end up running aground.God help us.The lunatics are running the asylum.


  11. This is actually worse than last season. I tried not to care about last night, just checking the score late on, but then I followed extra time on twitter – big mistake as I almost wrecked my very expensive ‘phone when I flung it accross the room in anger & frustration.

    I hope & believe SOMEONE will buy the club, even if The Italian Nutter is blocked out. I feel administration would cost the Evil Suits too much and will be avoided, but at minimum cost to them, and to hell with the future of the club. Please, please, please, keep that indescribably awful Ken Bates away from LUFC.

    This slow torture really wears you down.


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  12. Lereds on Koh Phangan.

    Hoping that Cellino gets the nod, would it not be better to buy the other 25% as well ? To get rid of any hangers on the club do not need..
    i hope so. Need GFH , Haigh, Bates all out…
    never to return.


  13. McDermott knows hes outsoon , so he is NOT being loyal staying hes like the crap he”s broke the bank to bring in ,he’s waiting to take more money out of the club on his PAY OFF ,still people backing him JOKERS, Oooooooooooooobmcd .How about a manager saying we are a joke on the pitch? He dos’nt think its his fault,, last night was like watching non league (where players don’t get payed)


  14. Leeds on koh Phangan.

    Sorry got name wrong from before..
    patiently awaiting here 6 hrs ahead for news of my beloved Leeds Utd.


  15. Looking at the fixture list I can’t see anything but a narrow escape from relegation , at best.. The last two home games should have secured championship football next season and the writing has to be on the wall for “most of the staff now


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