New Leeds Striker, But Cani Manage Without a New Winger or Two? – by Rob Atkinson

Cani - raring to go, but where's the supply coming from?

Cani – raring to go, but where’s the supply coming from?

Leeds United’s month-long pursuit has paid off with the capture of Cani, the striker that most of us probably wanted the least – against the rival attractions of the somewhat more exotic Leonardo Pavoletti, who opted to stay in Italy despite the temptations of a West Yorkshire winter. So it’s Cani for Leeds, a 6’4″ beanpole of a striker who, it is said, will suit the Redders style of play. He appears to be the non-prolific, target man type of striker – so we can anticipate that he will rival Steve Morison for a place in the starting line-up. The question is: will Cani help to improve the supply to the real goalscorers in the squad? That supply needs to come at least in part from out wide as demonstrated in the win at Huddersfield when Antenucci put over the sort of cross he’d love to be on the end of himself, for the hungry Billy Sharp to gobble up.

As I write, there yet remain six long hours of this transfer window – time enough for one or two wide boys to be recruited. Michael Tonge has had his inoculations and has headed off to Millwall; one theory was that this move might pave the way for Castleford-born, scum-supporting ‘Wall winger Martyn Woolford to link up with Leeds. No sign of that as yet – and really, he’s not exactly Maxi Gradel, is he?

Sharp’s emphatic finish at the Puppy Farm at the weekend emphasised the fact that, if you give a finisher some quality supply, he will deliver the goods. If Leeds are to capitalise fully on the potential of Sharp, then we must pay attention to our options in those wide areas. Byram and some of the other junior talents available will not do, not just yet or for the longer term. A winger, either in the last few hours of this window or in the emergency loan market to follow, is a real necessity. Two wingers would be even better.

The next few hours could go a long way towards defining our goals potential for the rest of the season, and the escape bid that lies ahead. The new man has the desire and potential to help – but he “Cani” do it on his own.

10 responses to “New Leeds Striker, But Cani Manage Without a New Winger or Two? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. definitely TWO WINGERS.


  2. If we don’t manage to sign a quality winger, or two, play Antenucci out wide … the cross he put in for Billy Sharp’s goal was top drawer. He has pace, can go past defenders, and the bonus, can score goals.


  3. Come on cellino , let’s have pringle on the left wing and woolford on the right , just shh , don’t tell the FL you’re still pulling the strings


  4. I’m pretty sure Sharps goal at the weekend was our first headed goal of the season, I could be wrong but i dont recall another being scored, Thats really worrying when signing a 6’4 striker but is the lack of crosses only down to lacking wingers or is there just a lack of confidence in Morison to put the ball in the back of the net, Personally i think its abit of both.

    Theres been plenty of occasions where we’ve had the chance to put the ball into the box but have choosen to cut inside or play the ball inside to the likes of Murphy, Mowatt, Austin ect rather than whip the ball into the box for Morison, With natural wingers there would no doubt be more balls into the box but if he failed to produce the goals sooner or later those wingers would follow the same pattern Byram has and just cut inside themselves or make a mad dash for the box and hope for the best.

    In the past we’ve seen Byram get past defenders and fizz a ball into the box but lately he finds himself in and around the box alot more than out wide, Winning penalties, Or as against Huddersfield popping up with a goal and playing a big part in the winning goal which is great but as the width in the team you dont expect to see him in those areas but clearly he has more confidence in himself than he does in Morison.

    We lacked natural width last season but Matt Smith still managed to get goals so natural width is no excuse for not scoring, That being said Smith had McCormack along side him who was willing to deliver and fed very well off Smith in the process, If we’re not going to get in a winger then i’m not sure how much we can expect from a targetman right now, Unless he is partnered with either Sharp or Antenucci i dont see him scoring many goals, All he can do is what Morison does now and try hold up the ball and win flick ons and just hope he has willing runners from midfield to provide the goals, Given the choice between another targetman or some actual width to the team i’m pretty sure most fans would have opted for the wingers but there must not be any wingers in Italy and god forbid we were to sign anyone from England.


  5. Well, we can always revert to the diamond… Ciao, Celliono!


  6. Hi Rob, sat thinking, is there another Albert or Eddie out there? “Sigh” I doubt it very much.


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