Back to Basics for Leeds United: Move On & Keep Fighting – by Rob Atkinson


Never mind yer Latin mottos

One thing those defeated Leeds players will be sharply aware of today; most of the football world will be laughing at them for their abject surrender at Hillsborough.  That’s not a pleasant thing to know, it’s even less pleasant for a Leeds fan to say.  But it’s a fact and one we have to acknowledge before, as a collective, we can put the horror of this new year so far behind us, and start to move onwards and upwards.

I say “as a collective” because it’s not just the players who have to recover from a shattering blow such as this.  It’s the fans too – we’ve all been getting it in the neck from delighted followers of other clubs ever since the final whistle blew to signal United’s worst defeat for 55 years.  The problem for the fans is that we have no means at our disposal whereby we can address the matter directly – if sleeves are to be rolled up, if air is to be cleared, if basics are to be got back to – then it’s the players and the coaching staff who will have to grasp those nettles, bite those bullets and somehow drag themselves up from historical depths of despair and defeat.  The fans just have to hope that this will happen, and happen soon.  It’s left to us to exhort our heroes onto greater efforts, or possibly just to squabble among ourselves as has been seen on various internet forums.  But whatever the limitations in our options, the fans are hurting and the fans are humiliated – it’s to be hoped that the players are being reminded of this salient point at some stage of today.

“Back to Basics” is a fairly obvious mantra to be chanting today, and it’s what Brian McDermott seems be running with.  That’s understandable, particularly for anyone who witnessed the full horror of United’s display against a team in Wednesday they should have beaten with something to spare.  Leeds played as if they thought ball control was a discipline to be exercised in a monastery.  They looked about as comfortable in possession as a shell-shock victim trying to juggle live hand grenades.  It did very much look as though the basics of the game at this level – passing, trapping a ball, getting rid – were indecipherable mysteries to the men in those tacky “gold” shirts.  Is all of this truly down to a lack of confidence?  Or is there a deeper malaise?

Leeds United at the moment are a living, breathing contradiction in terms.  One part of the organisation oozes confidence and optimism, churning out new initiatives and new ideas, communicating messages of hope and a brighter future through numerous social media outlets.  This is the vibrant, innovative United that is announcing link-ups with the 49ers and hinting at redeveloping the stadium for our inevitable return to the top.  The relentless message of positivity and optimism has so far yielded only two loan deals to enhance the squad – but there is still that tantalising promise of more to come.  Possibly.  But not before the Leicester game.

The other side of United is the ugly duckling that waddled its way unhappily around Sheffield Wednesday’s manor yesterday, shot at from all sides, uncomfortably aware of its own hideousness and unable to do anything about it.  There were no signs that this ugly duckling might ever grow into a beautiful swan, as the fable tells us it should.  We’re left with the feeling that, being Leeds, fables don’t apply.  The contrast of this self-loathing, pessimistic, on-field United with the public face of the post-Bates Leeds is as stark as it is puzzling.  If we’re on our way back with a bright future ahead of us – why isn’t this remotely reflected by the product on the park?  Why do the players look as if they’ve forgotten how to pass, how to defend, how to tell one end of a football from the other?

So, it’s back to basics – to get these matters thrashed out.  Presumably, if any of the brighter sparks in the squad have their own ideas about the tactics being employed, then now is the time to air them.  We appear to be on the brink of playing in a whole new way anyway, with all our eggs so far this window being placed in the “attacking width” basket.  The two wingers recruited to that end rather sank without trace yesterday – understandably so, given the way the game went – particularly with what happened to Smith, who might otherwise have given the new lads someone to play to.  It really was all most unfortunate.  Back to basics, then – and see if the air can be cleared.  But I would hope that, as well as the manager’s three-word mantra, somebody will think to revive the older, two word motto in the picture at the head of this article, that hung so famously for so many years on the Elland Road home dressing room wall.  Keep Fighting, it told the players – and for the decade and more of Revie’s reign, that is exactly what the United players did, to devastating effect.

“Fight” was something visible only in the briefest of flashes yesterday.  Smith was perhaps over-zealous in the challenge that got him sent off.  Byram showed the right idea when he clattered into Kirkland in the second half.  Michael Brown epitomises “fight” when he plays, but he’s sadly prone to getting into trouble early and recklessly – and then walking a tightrope for most of any appearance he might make.  Fight, if it’s to be helpful, has to be shown with a moderating layer of common-sense – but no Leeds team will get far if it is so totally lacking as it appeared yesterday in those fighting qualities which, allied to world-class skill and unflinching togetherness, made the club a  global name almost half a century ago.  I suspect that the sign which once adorned the dressing room wall disappeared long, long ago – but that image is still as iconic as ever it was.  It’s something that the players of today need to look at and adopt if they are to equip themselves to avoid a repetition of yesterday’s spineless and clueless performance, so lacking in skill, technique, attitude and, above all, fight.

Whatever emerges from today’s meeting, we need to see a radically different Leeds United take the field against Leicester next weekend.  Let’s not kid ourselves – the players in our squad can play.  They can pass, they can retain possession, they can mark the opposition.  Yesterday, it just looked as though they couldn’t.  Next weekend is about correcting any such misleading impression – and it’s about fighting for the shirts, for the badge and for the fans.  Back to basics, fair enough.  But above all, Keep Fighting.

45 responses to “Back to Basics for Leeds United: Move On & Keep Fighting – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Well written rob , deflated is the word today , but we are Leeds and we will fight for this club to the bitter end


  2. “Let’s not kid ourselves – the players in our squad can play”

    They can play BUT not very well Rob.
    I have seen nothing this season or last to suggest that they can play well.
    Look at Mowett.
    A young lad given a chance in the first team, and is regarded as our best midfield player!?
    He should be learning his craft, and being looked after by the senior players.
    He has run out of steam and we are left with the dross.
    Brian brought in two wingers, which we need.
    But we also need another goalkeeper, two good centre halves, and two good midfield players, who can control a game.
    When did we last dominate a game, whether winning or losing????
    We are higher up the league than we deserve.
    with the players we have I would go 4-4-2.
    Paddy in goal.
    Back four of :Byram Zaliukas Pearce Warnock.
    Midfield Stewart Brown Murphy Kebbe.
    Front two: Varney & Ross.

    Captain: Ross McCormack!!!


    • Good post henry … and it would be difficult to argue with your selection, though I would try to look for an alternative to Michael Brown, who has the necessary attitude and fight, but his application, at times, makes him a bit of a liability.


    • Yes, but if you make Ross captain he’ll hang around midfield. I’ve nothing else to say about that lout Pearce. Lees used to show potential, put him where he belongs, next to Z in the middle, alongside Byram. Useful in cups is all we can say about Brown. Warnock, old and slow, play White when fit, even recall Taylor as cover. I’m one of those who think Green is our least worst central MF, but the truth is we have to sign a central midfielder as soon as we can. I agree with you about the rest of it, in principle.

      I feat that what we’ll get is more Austin, Pearce and Peltier, who seem to be Brain’s favourite players. I can see why he thought them salvageable from the Colin mess, as sqaud members, but I can’t understand why he persists. Does he really think Byram is just a second choice right winger?


  3. There is definitely unrest in the camp but for what reason? These players has qualities to make it in CS but if there is a mess between ears for any reason well that is a management issue. We can’t change the whole team but still…



  4. I’m taking the game as new tactics and players didn’t have time to practise together , give them a couple of weeks to gel then see what happens.
    i’m sure all will come good if not this season then next



  5. Good article Rob, just read Paul Green who was ever present when BMac arrived, is on his way back which is positive news, Rudy seams to have ran himself into the ground lately, but can you drop the captain? Unfortunately our defence went AWOL yesterday with Zaliukas having a particularly off day, Paddy beaten at his near post and also a deflected lucky goal, I’m sure had Smith stayed on the pitch things would not have been so bad. After that It never rained it poured and the Wendies took advantage with a bit of luck and also some help from our defence. We must all stay positive Rob, regroup, there’s plenty of games to sort things out and like you say we (players included) must all show some fight. MOT.


  6. Spot on Rob. All we can do is continue to support OUR club and trust in the manager and remember when he came in it was a 3 yr plan to revitalise the club as a whole – on and off the field – lets not let 2 horrendous results and performances deflect from that. OUR club has made great strides forward in the last year and the foundations are being laid off the field and we all knew this season would not be all plain sailing post Warnock. We had a plan – lets stick to it!


  7. Maybe many of the players on the field yesterday didn’t play …simply because they realise they are unlikely to be part of the ‘brighter future’ that is promised .


    • But didn’t Brain say he wanted 4 players, and wasn’t it obvious that he wanted at least one winger, a striker and a deputy GK? None of the players used should have been worried except Smith, who must feel overlooked as Brain drops him all the time.

      I hope Brain has changed him mind about what he wants. I’m really worried the board are witholding money until they seem some improvement ro- they won’t see much.

      The ugly truth here is that BM inherited a near-useless squad and is now doing, as others have said, what should have been done 10 years ago when we were relegated from the Prem. He started with almost nothing and has added young players. We can’t buy a whole squad, so the transfer policy is proven right as far as I’m concerned. The only rubbish there is Hunt, who didn’t cost much. In general, BM has done the right thing. He patched us up and got us up the table at the end of last season. He kept us going for a few games – after he was prevented from signing more players – early this season. The players are so poor we were ‘found out’, so he patched us up again with this 5 at the back thing. The same thing happened just in time for the window. He now has 2 wingers available.

      BM’s only proven mistakes are his selection for the last 2 games. I assume he now sees that his weird ideas are no good. It does also look very much as if he really likes Peltier, Pearce, Austin and Kenny, and it also looks like he can’t use the subs bench. I’m just clinging on to my belief in him.

      No one should kid themselves that Talcy Scalpum would be better – Cardiff are no model for us. No one should kid themselves that richer owners would be better – Cardiff are no model for us. No one should kid themselves that spending loads of cash, getting up and fighting relegation would work – Cardiff are no model for us. No one should kid themselves that messing around with our identity is acceptable – Cardiff are no model; for us. Short of getting Eddie or Paul Hart or someone like that in I don’t see that we can do better. The last thing we need is a Billy Davies, Fat Sam, a Mark Hughes, a Gary Megson.

      Brain will revert to a 4-4-2 that works and we will finish in mid-table. He’ll sign more players in the summer and 4 or 5 will be prised out. My argument is just with a few details – For example, I don’t see the sense in chucking Dawson into this mess, but Thompson was player of the year in MF for Bury last season. Having thought it over, I’d go for (when available) New GK; Byram, Lees, Zal, White; Thompson and Murphy; 2 of Kebe, Stewart and Pugh; and Ross and Smith/the new version of Blackstock. The only Colin players I’d keep as squad players for the next couple of years would be Varney and Green, and that’s only because we can’t sign 15. I expect I’ll have to suffer worse, but I don’t doubt we’ll finish in mid-table. I just hope it’s in good enough shape for the better players to want to stay.


  8. Another good article Rob at least we can all look forward to reading what you have to say. Lets hope BM turns us around in this next week MOT


  9. Guise leu White

    Henry VI – Zaliukas? Sorry you but you wouldn’t pick him following his contribution in the last 3 games, woeful. Something has gone badly wrong at the club following the Doncaster game and it needs addressing quickly.


  10. crusader knight

    well i have supported leeds since 1964,as you can imagine,with a lot of highs and lows,but this has to be the nadir.i have decided thats the last ticket that i buy until i read reports that we are actually playing football and competing.i have worked damned hard for my money,and never thought i would say this,but enough is enough,and good luck to the brave souls that will carry on the support for the rest of the season


  11. Transitionsal season only this one. Hopefully McDermott can get rid of the deadwood and rubbish Warnock left us in the summer. I think quite a few should be outta contract. Norris, Green, Tonge, Diouf, Varney, Brown and Pugh. Replace with better to supplement Byram, McCormack, Wootton, Pearce, Mowatt, Murphy, Smith and Stewart.


  12. john palmer

    good review Rob but we only have a few who can play .all season the rest have been riding on mccormacks goals .Kenny;Byrom, Lees,Peltier,White;Kebe,Murphy,Green,Poleon;Smith, McCormack Would be my team from what we have


  13. Since Zaliukas signed a deal, his game has gone to pot, that was the worst performance I have seen from a Leeds player ever, , I would like to see Green back, which he will be in the next couple of weeks, I would play Murphy in the Midfield as well, as he gives us something there, and I would bring Dawson in for Mowatt. Please play Sam Byram from the start and lets have 2 central defenders signed along with Billy Sharpe or Le Fondre. Brian I still have faith, and we will turn this around


  14. crusader knight

    you keep going on about fight rob,ive seen more fight in our lass on a saturday night,which is THE night


  15. Leicester City on Saturday will be the hardest test and biggest match in Brian McDermott’s management career in my opinion. A win followed by a two week break with the Brighton game cancelled will give time to sort out tactics and selection and see what more can be done in the transfer market.
    Any sort of win will do but supporters will be looking for effort and application. If Brian can’t get this one right he and his staff will need to have a long think about their future at Leeds. A miserable cup exit and two points out of fifteen in the league shows up some real problems and I am just not sure he and his staff have the dressing room.
    All we can do is give the team our full support and hope we can pull through this awful slump.


  16. Yet another good article Rob,

    Good to see some positivity coming out of the chaos. I agree that the results from this past month have not been good enough but a knee-jerk reaction to join the managerial sack race is not the answer.
    All Leeds fans are hurting this week but we have to try to distance ourselves from the past 10 (dreadful) years and view what is happening at the club in a positive way, the amount of changes over the last 12 months have been astonishing and I feel for the first time in years like a breath of fresh air has gone through the club from the top (at the boardroom level) to the bottom (us fans).
    I remain 100% behind Leeds United (Brian inc.) and I always will (even on days that you feel like throttling them).

    I agree that Keep Fighting needs to be re-adopted by this current crop of individuals lucky enough to play for Leeds.

    Keep Fighting and Never give up.



  17. David Smith

    Another good ” Churchillian call to arms” article Rob – let’s hope you don’t have to write too many more of these this season, but I’m not holding my breath!


  18. Keep fighting? START fighting, more like, though if Michael Brown happens to be reading this, please note that I don’t mean literally fighting. I share Rob’s reservations about using him, even though the team needs players of his experience and ball-winning prowess, because he always seems on the brink of a booking.


  19. Not sure about all the going back to basics that BM was talking about. They are professional footballers of many years experience, collectively. Even Mowatt has spent several years in the academy learning his trade. Yesterday demonstrated one thing more than anything to me. We need players with character and courage. It is easy to fight if you have the character or the stomach for it, but if you haven’t then you get thrashed by SW. Brown should have been brought on to add some steel to the midfield, because it was sorely lacking. Then we have a group of players out of position in a formation that they are unaccustomed to, who appeared to be lost and bereft of any ideas. Tactically inept, no proper preparation for this game and players who don’t have the stomach for a fight. Next season will be better if BM brings in the right players, but the bargain basement players that he has brought in so far have been disappointing to say the least! BM must accept responsibility for the shambles! Platitued are not enough. And on that subject, the recent form has been so bad that this is not just a manager’s problem, It is up to the board to sort this mess out. Years of underfunding of the team and betting loan players or freebies has resulted in this position. Stop all the building work and community projects David Haigh and concentrate on the team, please.


  20. I suppose the most confusing part of all this is we have all been calling for a least one winger for at least two seasons now , so in a week when we obtain two we have been hammered by a team most thought would be relegated , Brian has to look at himself today rob


  21. LeedsBowyer

    This might get a lot of criticism, but I think McDermott is completely to blame. His inexperience as a manager is showing and he has lost the players. I think the poor performances can be put down to the fact that our playere were giving 110% and burnt out after the Barnsley game. Since then Brian has completely lost the players with his utterly inept tactics. I would say the game he completely lost the first team was when he played them in the FA cup after they had all trained xmas day and played 4 games in 10 days, rather than letting the fringe players and youngsters have a go. As well as this, his tactics and formation were diabolical. 

    Not nearly as bad as yesterday though. 2 wingers for the first time in 2 years with Kebe not fit and signing only the day before, thrusts them into the first team without any real training, further complicating a system that the players didn’t understand BEFORE he tampered with it and made it into that ridiculous 3 4 3. What chance did they have? He said after the game it was back to basics, I was saying well before the game time for 4 4 2, how the hell did a professional manager who is surrounded by the players every day not see it?? Smith or Byram didn’t start etc… Wells for 1.3 Murphy for 1 million, dear god.

    I could carry on for some time pointing out basic errors. I was a supporter of Brian McDermott but in the last week he has made as many mistakes as a sacked manager makes over a few months, he fit it into 1 week! The truth is the system was set up for him at Reading and he stuck with it. He has very little managerial experience and this job is far too big for him, he has lost it!

    I was filled with optimism this week and always look at positives, im no boo boy and I can’t stand perpetual moaners but I honestly don’t see anyway back for Brian and I don’t see us getting someone else who can take us to the next level which leaves us in a terrible position. I honestly admire your optimism and hope you are right (


    • Great points leedsbowyer, I did wonder about the new wingers being thrown in, it was only a few weeks ago Brian was telling us there was more to come from this team,then before the window opened he said the team needed help! Now the players don’t seem to know what he wants them to do! For such a drastic loss of form one would wonder if it’s problem which runs a lot deeper. I hope you’re wrong about the manager but I can’t help thinking your points make sense.


  22. It is obvious that new signings are needed, but the two recent signings are not good enough. One can’t get a game at bottom club Palace, and the other lad can’t at Hull. I would have Byram on the right of midfield, unless he is still carrying an injury; I’ve always thought he would ideal there. Much has been said about both the defence and midfield, but not enough about strikers. Ross has done very well but, nullify him and where are the goals going to come from? I think Smith could make it, but he is a work in progress. I thought we might have gone for Wells at Bradford City who knows where the net is, as he proved yesterday at the Beer Can. I am still not convinced about McDermott ; as a tactician he is not too clever, and he hasn’t over-impressed with his signings. Also, for me, he just doesn,t seem to be fully confident in himself, which is not ideal criteria for a manager ! Let’s all hope that the promised investment does materialise and, just as importantly, it is spent wisely.


  23. 24 hours plus on from the end of the game and it’s still burning in my mind how bad it was. Worst performance I have seen from a Leeds side in 35 years and do not believe there is enough quality in the squad to bounce back any time soon. GFH need to wake up sharpish and change it now because the job IS too big for B McD


    • The thing is – IF that’s true – then the job is likely to prove to big for anyone we’d be likely to be able to get, Malky Mackay included. Anyone we could bring in would be likely to have a history with smaller clubs. Mackay aside, who would be the probable candidates?


  24. NotAllWhite

    Good article Rob.
    When Revies boys had a bad day at the office, yellow cards and sometimes red followed. They hated losing. They had pride. They could even fight amongst themselves if they thought a player was not giving 100%. I know the current players are not in the same league in terms of talent but that is even less of an excuse for going down without a fight. The fans are not stupid and there is nothing more inspiring and rousing than seeing a Leeds player make a winning crunching tackle when all appears lost. This shows the fans that a player cares. This can often be the inspiration to his team mates to stop feeling sorry for themselves and roll their sleeves up. It may even turn a game around. Fans love a player who busts his gut for the club. We all want to see skilful players at Leeds and I have seen in my lifetime some of the best playing in white, but the bedrock of any good team are the Bremners and Charltons. Sadly, the current Leeds squad lacks these characters in key positions. If only there was Strachan going cheap or a Vinnie Jones available, then I think the playoffs would still be a possibility. BM, the players and the Leeds board need to show the fans some respect. If money is not available then cut the crap and tell us. Communicate. Set the fans level of expectations. We might not be happy but what’s new.


  25. There have been a few people leaving comments during the past 24 hours who have made valid points in my humble opinion. The fitness of the players is a concern. It only struck me when i read a recent comment. Hunt was playing with an injury apparently,Diouf looked like he was having a kickabout on a Spanish beach (or something that was washed up on a Spanish beach) the last time i saw him at Newcastle. Apart from Ross,the whole side look immobile. I can’t imagine BM barking out orders pre- season giving drill instructions,nor can i imagine him giving these serial slackers the hairdrier treatment. There are two reasons for that,the first is obvious,the second is that he doesn’t seem to be the kind to get angry. I think we’ve been taken in by the psuedo intellectual image. My revised opinion is that BM is a Charlatan,thinkers don’t ponce around in D&G glasses and they’re certainly not as tactically illiterate as BM. The Leicester game is a foregone conclusion and that will buy him and the new owners time. Then there’s a week and a half until the window closes and the excuses come out.


    • I think most of them are fit. Kenny and Ross have been playing through injuries, Diouf is getting past it and hasn’t trained due to family problems. My only concerns are that Hunt shouldn’t have been signed while carrying an injury (which he is supposed to have recovered from before Rochdale) and that Byram doesn’t look fit enough, for some reason.

      I reckon the rest are either lazy and pampered, or don’t know where they are any more (as opposed to crying for their bottles after McD said he wanted a new striker). It only takes half the team to be crap to make a game pointless. Some shape will be restored to the team, and a mid-table finish will follow unless we’re lucky with signings and PAP are kicked out this season rather than phased out in the next.

      I really think we have to see this season as Year One of the Reconstruction. Not even that, as McD was stopped from signing more than 4 in the summer when we badly needed more. We’ve had to limp to this window, so I really hope Haigh and co let the manager use it properly…


  26. Outsider looking in- McDermott looks totally lost and bewildered. His interviews are dull, not particularly inspiring and he says the same sound bites over and over. I would like to hear his football philosophy on how he wants his team to play because from what I saw Saturday there isn’t one. Just boot it and hope the big un does summat up front. Leeds made Wednesday look a top 4 team when in actual fact they are one of the worst teams in the league. New young manager required who understands the modern game, how to change games as they are playing out, and how to influence both individuals and therefore the teams efforts. But more important a 5 year blueprint on how the club will play its football from top to bottom. Id go all out and try get Roberto Di Matteo. Watched his side MK Dons play football I’d never seen before, on a budget and he went on to do pretty well wherever he went. McDermott looks completely overwhelmed.


  27. mirfieldwhite

    good article rob . newcomer to your site but follow the boys home and away . i think the club/fans will keep fighting and will always keep the faith , its the one thing about the club at the moment that is great . i came away from rochdale and managed to convince myself and car full of mates that losing was a good thing , at least the owners could see what we who go to the games have seen for the last month or so , that we are miles away from premiership material . rochdale should have been the kick up the backside david haigh , bm and the players needed . the new signings can hardly be blamed for the performance this weekend , i hope for everyones sake they pick up , quickly . looking at the team for the weekend as well as being badly balanced etc i couldn’t help but notice that mcdermotts ‘ major ‘ signings were all missing . wooton , murphy , hunt and smith . including stewart and kebe as far as i can see thats six of his boys in there . along with paddy , sammy , mowatt , mckormack i think brians team should be taking shape . we can blame warnock , norris green diouf varney etc for as long as we want but i think maybe brian should be looking in the mirror today . leeds fans will stick with him a while longer , but we are nobodys fool . keep fighting .


  28. Here’s another Churchillian call-to-arms: “If you’re going through hell, keep going…”

    I think Saturday was an awful aberration, but some of the defensive frailties exposed by Wednesday – a team flirting with relegation – were quite shocking. Rudy hasn’t done it since Yeovil, and I don’t know what has happened to Zaliukas. A back heel in your own penalty area??? WTF???

    Smith should have been on at the start, paired with Ross to make the most of our new wingers. I could not believe it when I saw the line-up.

    I really like Brian McDermott – I hope he can get it together and turn things round, but Leicester will be a truly tough test.

    Here’s hoping. MOT.


  29. gloster white

    My feeling is that brians team selection is being influenced by all the opinions and hype that bombard the internet, twitter, facebook etc. We have a very average side and other teams dont care that we were once the great leeds united. He should isolate himself and the team if possible from all the hysterical propaganda and set his team up according to whats available, not what we would like to have, just like stoke last season. then having a stable side we can gradualy get rid of the dead wood and start to build a team of expierience and youth and look to the future with a bit more pragmatism and less “we should be in the premier league because” attitude. I sincerley hope my beloved team wil be in the top flight soon but I am well aware that we dont have a divine right.


  30. Can I say one thing to annoy everyone here?

    Vinnie bloody Jones, ignorant Tory lout. Yes, he helped get fitness up, but Wilko and Strachan should have done it themselves. (YES. I AM TALKING HERESY ABOUT SAINT WILKO. TOUGH.)

    You want a hard man? Wish for one who can play football. Vinniescum was average and Wilko was right to kick him out for his behaviour in the dressing room a year after signing him.

    You want a new Vinnie, a new fitness-obsessed ‘we’re al brainless apes togevver’ lout to improve morale? REALLY? Are you sure? Because YOU HAD ONE ALREADY, HIS NAME WAS DENNIS WISE

    Sorry, but I’m in a bad mood today. Bloody Saint Vinnie indeed. The way Leeds fans sometimes canonise random mercenaries and morons is beyond me. Bechhio – good player, no problem, but the messiah? Beckford? Very good at scoring goals in the 3rd division, a mercenary who displayed loyalty and helped us get promotion. Fine, but again, worth getting back? Don’t make me laugh. Poyet? Pah. Ex-Chelsea scum, Dennis Wise’s henchman, who did, by his own admission, only 10% of the work. They can all go to the Wendies as far as I’m concerned.


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