Leeds Plumb New Depths, Making Even Wednesday Look Good – by Rob Atkinson


Historical low points are just like busses, so it seems – you wait ages for one, and then two come along in quick succession.  If we were looking for any sort of reaction from the team to the 0-2 defeat at Rochdale, then a 0-6 humbling at Sheffield Wendies most definitely was not the right one.  It wasn’t exactly a cricket score but, let’s face it, six-love isn’t much to do with football either, or even “soccer”.  The brains behind the San Francisco 49ers have their work cut out to salvage much from this particular sleeping giant.

Wednesday played OK, but they weren’t as good as the jubilant commentators painted them.  They simply had nothing to beat – and in the event, Leeds took a massive swipe at beating themselves.  How best to describe the men who wore those United shirts this Saturday lunchtime?  How could I possibly do justice to the sheer depths of ineptitude and lack of any class or cohesion on display?  Let me have a brief try.

Imagine, if you will a collection of punch-drunk boxers, their prime of fighting fitness a long way behind them.  Let them addle themselves with cheap and dangerous alcohol until they don’t know which way is up.  When they are sufficiently pickled, take them en masse and drop them into a Great War front line trench under artillery bombardment until shell-shock sets in.  Add a smattering of trench-foot, such that – if invited to play football in No-Man’s-Land – they would be unable to trap a dead stoat.  And there you have it – this was the appearance of the men who represented Leeds United at Sheffield Wednesday today.  Apologies to any booze-ridden former pugilists who may feel insulted by this off-the-cuff comparison.

The high point of the match for the assembled Leeds United fans – who were as usual magnificent – came in the 72nd minute, when Austin somehow gained possession 30-odd yards out and managed to propel the ball vaguely in the direction of the Wednesday goal.  As the home keeper, Kirkland, had to pick the ball up to stop it trickling into his net, this counted as a shot on target – and the raucous away fans celebrated accordingly, with more than a hint of irony in their celebratory chants about having an effort on goal.  The sheepish looks this drew from the away dugout told their own story.

As I wrote last week in the wake of the Rochdale defeat: “This season is not going to be a season of on-field achievement – I will confidently predict that here and now.”  I think it’s fair that I should stick by that prediction; the evidence to back it up was there for all to see on that performance – for want of a better word – at Hillsborough.  To call it a disgrace would be a hopeless understatement.  Somehow, miraculously, we will end today within shouting distance of the play-offs.  But shout though we may, it would be a travesty if we were to compete in the end of season lottery.  Better that we should simply get our heads down and see if we can somehow eke out enough points to stay in this league, hoping that we might be better prepared for a new campaign next time around.

It’s chastening, a defeat of that order.  It tells you about the state of your club, about the state of your team.  Clearly, we have been flattering to succeed.  Elements of today’s performance deserve a place in any dungeon of horror.  A man hailed until recently as the season’s saviour – Marius Zaliukas – appears to be going down the route plummeted by Lubo Michalik of recent memory.  He looked good to start off with – then he got a new and improved, extended deal – and bang.  He turned from a defensive tower of strength into a static clod, incapable of controlling a ball and always threatening to present a chance to the opposition.  There is a crippling lack of confidence, the passing is awful and morale is so low as to be virtually undetectable.  To put two new wingers into that mix, one of whom has hardly played, seems – in retrospect – almost cruel. Even Plan B, a belated reversion to 4-4-2, only lasted a minute before sub Matt Smith got himself sent off with a challenge which exemplified thoughtless stupidity.  Sometimes, after a display like this, you might warn the next opponents to beware a backlash – but league leaders Leicester City, due at Elland Road for another live TV date next weekend, must be licking their lips.

The comedy point of the afternoon, for me, (apart from Kirkland ending up on his back again, this time courtesy of Sam Byram) was just after the final whistle when I received a tweet from a Hull Tigers fan, having a laugh at our miserable display even as his own team were losing at home.  And therein lies the faint consolation for Leeds fans – however bad things are, however awful our team might be – we are still more important to fans of certain other clubs than their own deeply pallid and undistinguished teams.  Tigers, Tigers, rah, rah, rah.  However deep our own embarrassment – at least we haven’t sunk to those depths.

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  1. crusader knight

    at this moment in time,im thoroughly ashamed to admit to being a leeds united supporter


  2. Deflated,depressed,that Saturday feeling again. Where do we go from here? An inspirational midfield signing? Don’t ask me who!! Last week no midfield ,this week no defence. Oh I don’t bloody know,I’m off to get pissed.


  3. We’ll to start let’s get rid of those ghastly away shirts! Is the season over? We won’t know that until after the Huddersfield game. Why would BMcD harp on for weeks about giving Matt Smith good service, then put in two new wingers who were by the way game rusty and NOT start with Smith. Then when the game has gone and Smith also not put on Varney to give him game time. It was all so predictable and pathetic. The owners and McD may have a big decision to make soon. Do they stick or twist and when? One thing is for certain is we just can’t go on like this!


  4. What a horror show..i was left scared to death of what will happen next..where is the money promised.So far two loan deals. Yorkshire rivals buy Wells?..As Tom Cruise shouted “Show me the Money”. I will not blame Brian.what has he got to work with in truth but Leeds fans will not take much more of that..Disturbing


  5. sniffersshorts

    couldn’t watch this today for work commitments, thank god , followed the disintegration on the BBC website, disgrace and falling from grace every week it seems to get worst and worst. Maybe we have been lucky up to the last 5 games or so…. and sometimes you ride your luck. I think Mcdermotts inclusion of the two new guys was pure desperation and in hope we could sort out the width problems. Were they fit I don’t know are they any good, I don’t know…. again we have not spent a penny of the so called available money… chased prospects again went to other clubs. its seem as case of clutched straws, with Leeds again drawing the shortest possible. the last three or so weeks of this window will sort the chaff from the wheat, and will we end up with the chaff… am feeling pretty bruised and pretty sick to say the least.Rob I had also said this wont be our season to go up, to be honest do you really want to see half the squad we have go up. We just need to build of the shambolic lot we have, push out some loan deals, and dead wood and build for a future. I really hope this is the last of the slide… we have table topping Leicester next week I dread to think what will happen.

    We seem to have lost the fight when we go one down, almost give up, again wear the colours with pride boys, We cant keep making excuses, a man off and deflected goal… we would take that if the boot was on the other foot.

    we were stuffed today outright and fair play to Wednesday, since Jones has gone they have been doing well… so you cant work on they were ok, were Rochdale ok. We are poor at the moment, and we are moaning and crying like a bunch of girls who are being bullied by boys in a kindergarten. I will never not ever not hype myself up every week, because I love my club and our history.

    but the holiday is over kiddies, so wipe your noses, get on that training ground every hour you can and get this bloody well sorted … lets get something out of this season and MARCH ON TOGETHER not alone like a bunch of bloody losers who are we. WE ARE LEEDS.


  6. sniffersshorts

    I forgot to add the last time we lost 6 ruddy nil was in 1959 to the red scum, in my mind its a cricket score, what with Forest and Barnsley thumping us in recent years, without reply no bloody fight …. cant help it I am really angry now … unforgivable grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  7. I think you’re right, let’s just finish between 10th and 6th. Peltier is starting to be a bit of a weak link (apart from mincing out too slow to play Johnson onside for the first goal) his performance was lacklustre at best. Ross tried his level best as usual but to no avail with nobody around him with any desire or drive to support him. as much as I like young Mowatt and Matt Smith, I would look to an experienced player added with creativity and a finish in Mowatt’s place and spend good money on another forward like Ross. Peltier just need to get a grip or receive a good kick up the obvious. What Haigh and GFH have achieved since taking over and banishing Kenneth is excellent, securing the right investors and business partners is all part of the rebuild and progression. We will be back in the prem in the near future and it’s best to look that far ahead and not get too down about the bit in between.


  8. 2-0 v Rochdale, 6-0 v Sheff Wed and a ‘surprisingly’ unreported on the club website midweek 3-1 defeat to Conference North side Harrogate Town (the Leeds side contained 6 first team players). Some work to do Brian!


  9. This was not a surprise.
    We have been poor all season.
    Bad players do not become good players overnight – my mantra!
    Once again over-run in midfield.
    Austin – diabolical. Not a captain, not a midfield player.
    I’d rather have Brown who always gives 100%.
    Mowett has lead in his boots.
    The back 3/5 are slow in mind and body, and made Sheff Wed look like Barcelona.

    I would make Ross captain.
    He gave everything today, and he must be so angry with the lack of everything!
    Byram must start the next game!!
    I would also bring Warnock back & Brown.

    The good news is that the owners can see all the cracks and need to bring quality in in all positions.
    We were flattering to deceive all season!!


  10. Rob

    A truly awful performance. As the game unfolded my jaw continued to drop. In a peformance of such ineptitude Zaliukas was by far the worst player on the pitch. When he joined us I was sceptical that a Scottish league player that couldn’t find a club would be the answer, but he confounded me with his early performances, bringing a stability to a defence that had been made to look Sunday League on many occasions. I felt we had pulled off a master stroke. However give him a new contract and it seems like he feels it’s job done! It strikes me that he plays for himself, not the team and certainly not the fans.

    Not one of the players today can hold their head up. Where is our midfield? There is no energy, no creativity, we can’t even win the ball.

    I understand that today was our worst league defeat for 55 years in my 53 years I can’t recall such an abysmal performance. I can understand that there is much work to do at a club that has suffered at the hands of Bates and Harvey for so many years, but there is no excuse for this type of performance, particularly coming straight off the back of Rochdale and Brian Mc’s worst day in football.

    For the first time in many years we have a board that seems to be backing the manager and I do not see the point in knee jerk reactions. Like you I can accept a season of not finishing in the play offs, but I expect to see progress and a desire from all players who pull on the famous white shirt. Performance like today are not acceptable.

    I truly hope this is the lowest point for another 55 years!


  11. The only 3 i would keep would be Ross,Sam and Rodolph. We eventually sign 2 wingers and if they could have managed to get a cross across,there was nothing to aim at. Peltier and Austin were the only players able to cross a ball today. Pugh just wandered everywhere and Paddy Kenny? Has anyone ever seen him marshall his defence or berate his centre backs after conceding? He has the same gormless (couldn’t care less) look on his face. He actually moved away from the freekick as he stood and watched it go in. What are you going to do now Brian,David and Salem? More spin? Well you’re not getting any more of my money any time soon.


    • Counte Of Monte Fisto

      Sorry are you for real Rodolph, Austin is a major part of the problem he is shit and lazy I would give brown or green a start. Austin is garbage


      • Yeah i am for real. At least he tried to get forward and wasn’t even close to being the worst player on the pitch today. At least he can put his foot in,look at Lees,Pearce and Zaliukas skipping around with gay abandon for their first goal. And thats our defence,on his performances this season i’d most certainly keep him.


  12. It is painfully obvious that our midfield is letting us down. No invention going forward, no protection for back three. I like Austin but he looks absolutely in need of a rest. Did anyone notice our lack of height compared to owls, very obvious at pre match handshakes? We looked and played intimidated.


    • YES. I too noticed our lack of height. Specifically, our lack of Smith, a player McDermott is always happy to drop. I really wonder now if it’s time to start campaigning to get him out. I’m not ready just yet, but there’s no way we shouid be as bad as this. This is worse than Warnock.


  13. buy two wingers and not start your best header of a ball i am still scratching my head it makes no sense where or how do we fix this mess nahki wells just scored winner on his debut why werent we in for him he didnt cost a kings ransom where are the funds i am rapidly losing patience with it all and my mobile is hopping mad all my mates having a good laugh at my expense for a second week running but i still and always will love this club


  14. I’ve just logged on to check the result and i REALLY hoped my eyes were deceiving me……….no such luck!

    All teams have results like this so i can only hope Brian gets them in tomorrow and starts sorting this mess out so the season can be salvaged.

    Not much else to add other than where did i put the Jack Daniels and forget the glass!


  15. David Smith

    Rob, I was hoping for some words of comfort and solace, but in truth there can be none after that performance. It is difficult to pinpoint the blame, as all of the team appeared culpable. The various comments regarding the match fitness of Kebe and Stewart maybe valid, but if you don’t have a midfielder who can string a decent pass to one of them, there is little hope. Both looked a little bewildered by todays events and I just hope that the recent appalling and gutless displays, do not put off any possible important signings over the next couple of weeks?
    Still trying to keep the faith, but it’s hard !


    • Maybe the wave of optimism generated by two loan signings was misplaced. It’ll be interested to see what else – if anything – this transfer window brings.


      • Next week take over will be announced.
        We will see then what the budget will be because if the board are communicating again with the fans then they will have nothing to hide…or will they?


  16. Bm is getting them in for “clear the air talks on sunday morning”? He should be getting them in for “clear their line” or “clear the squad” talks and a cross country run. What makes things worse this week is that we can’t compete with huddesfield in this window, look who got the winner for them an all.


  17. john palmer

    5o yrs of watching the worst ive seen and felt.zaliukas and Austin have been hailed as heros they both are laughable.Lees was playing better than any one else at back and he got hooked.new boys didn’t touch the ball .playing 3 at back when you ve got wingers??still playingaustin?/??not aclue McDermott must be sacked before he buys somemore shit;byram;lees,peltier,white was a good b.4 now its sunday league standard R oss must be changing his mind about staying now


  18. Sniffersshorts

    I did not see much aplomb about the new signings … To be honest why are we still taking loan deals just more smoke screens and smoke blown up our backsides …. The board nows we have dead wood and wages to pay …. And agreed with others revolve some of the squad no wonder McCormack and Rudy aren’t on form they need a break they like us all can get run down they expel massive energy . I thought warnock and green started the season well …. They are being paid revolve the squad or we may as well just have 11 and the same bench all season …. Am worried McDermott is getting into a Colin sense of mind same team apart from two new unknowns … Glad he is getting them into tomorrow can I go and kick some backside too ….. Get it fecking sorted !!!!!!!!


    • Cant wait untill the season ends to be honest.We have a lot of clearing out to do.We need to build a solid defence and a midfield who fights for every ball and at least two goal scoring attackers and a bench that scares the hell out of the opposition.”Rob tell me i’m not asking for to much”


      • I’m surprised nobody’s yet mentioned the two words “Malky Mackay”. There, I’ve mentioned them. Discuss?


      • I was thinking of Malkey myself today Rob.
        No manager could turn our squad into promotion candidates.
        They are not good enough.
        Too slow and lacking in skill and determination.
        Brian reminds me of Simon Grayson, and Neil Warnock towards their ‘end’.
        Baffled and bemused!


  19. john service

    Bring back Gus I say.


  20. Counte Of Monte Fisto

    I still believe as I did at Rochdale that the blame lays with McDermott, he chose to play this insane formation which deprived our 2 new signings and Ross of any hope of service. Again we start with 5 defenders none of whom can pass a football even 2 yards but hoof it every chance they have. Then we get to Austin, what does this technically inept lazy halfwit have to do to get dropped. Every game is cack then suddenly he makes a big challenge and he is the beast. Worst player at the club possibly in the league. Why buy 2 winger then have no centre forward on the pitch just in order to be able to accommodate all those defenders. Brian is quickly showing himself to be tactically inept and stubborn to boot, a dangerous combination. We have to stick by him for now but if he names Austin and 5 defenders against Leicester he should be sacked before kick off. The players are poor but we have enough on the pitch to be competitive, they lack confidence, leadership, bottle and a clue as to what their jobs are. It Brian’s job to sort that out, I can see Leicester putting another 6 past us and then he surely has to accept some blame himself. I’m sad as I really hoped he was different but he looks out of his depth, hope he proves me wrong but I can’t see it.
    The worry is that I think we will lose the next 3 games then relegation becomes a worrying spectre. Abysmal and shameful


  21. andy henson

    first thing in morning 11.00am on park to see how many players from sunday football could do a lot better than that #rap.I think BM dosnt no his best team not that any good players apart from up front.If you think 6-0 was bad god only nows if we got promotion LOL to PL your talking double todays score.we need a good clear out do what GG & DO would do start clear out from back middle then up front yes i mite as well put a new team but some of the players could learn the others L1 and thats been kind this is a sad day for the club and mostly the us the fans i cant see a way forword not with squad as for BM get those dickheads up stairs to get cheque book and i think hes the man for the job


  22. john palmer

    one manager who would be a grateful to be here with funds SIMON GRAYSON .I’m afraid from the moment Austin was made capt. it told me BMCD Didn’t now too much


  23. The last time Leeds played like this Don dropped the entire first team and played the academy/reserves with the intent ‘they can’t do any worse’. They won and no points for guessing who they beat…..


  24. Horror from start to finish today. For some reason I’m calmer than last week, probably because I’ve given up on any hope of promotion this season.

    These are my thoughts, hopefully more objective that those of some others.

    1/ Money. The known facts are this: GFH were the only people who managed to get the club off Bates, they put money in for running costs last year, managed to fund some transfers in, and have subbed us even more this year. It isn’t 2 loan signings, it’s 2 signings so far. We know BM is looking for others. (At least he’s signing young players who’ll get better). Stewart is only technically a loan signing. Reportedly he’s put pen to paper on a 3 year contract starting next season. He’ll miss the last few games but who cares? By then Alibyi should be ready for a run in the side during those meaningless games (that’s assuming we aren’t 23rd by then). Kebe is on loan because McD knows him and thinks he can do a job this year. There’s an agreement to sign him if promoted, as otherwise we can’t pay his wages. These are all facts, let’s at least not pretend that Haigh and co have done nothing for us. Why they stopped signing players pre-season I don’t know, but they’re trying to do it now.

    2/ Wages. I think we can see why it’s necessary to sub us, as it will be next year, too. We had a poor squad, mostly on long contracts. Only Ashdown, Diouf, Drury and Pugh are going in the summer (I think 1 or 2 more?) but most are not. We may even want to keep Pugh on for a year. Colin’s squad was maybe 2 players short (he wanted 3 or 4 more, got Tonge and Diouf, remember?) We got rid of Hall, and we got rid of Morrison for a year and loaned out White for a month. (I don’t count Taylor and the development players here, they come in and they go out, their wages are negligible.) We also got rid of Yorkshire Radio and got some season ticket money back.

    As for spending: we lowered ticket prices, gave McCormack and Mowatt new contracts, signed Smith, Hunt, Zaliukas, Stewart, Kebe (I think you’ll find we’re paying some of his wages), Murphy and Wootton, with at least 2 more to come. So I don’t think there’s any slack, this year or next. If we sign someone then their wages and transfer fee are an extra cost. Please all stop saying that he’ll have billions because Colin’s mob will all leave – they won’t, and we’ve allocated next year’s wages already. And think on this: maybe McD has £8 million to spend. It isn’t a good idea to scream ‘I’m minted!’ at the other clubs and then try to sign their players, so no, they won’t tell us exactly how much he’s got. But I bet it’s for the summer too, so he’ll want to get decent players in.

    3/ The players and the manager. Some of our players are crap. I’ve tried making excuses, I want to believe in them, but look where we are. What can I add to what I said after Rochdale? Pearce, Peltier and Captain Crap must go at once, and they can take Drury and Warnock with them. I don’t know how this cancelling of contracts business works – I think we’ll have to pay the pampered swine in full up to the end of their deals. I think the rest of the players are just demoralised – if I were Zaliukas I’d be demoralised – and baffled by Brain’s wonderful team selection. They’re probably capable of carrying out sensible instructions. I can’t tell whether or not Brain has come to his senses re substitutions or not, but I hope his hormones (he’s obviously pregnant) aren’t causing this.

    4/ What is to be done (before we start calling for McD’s head). The players who are leaving (see above) come in early and are sent home. The rest of them come in every day this week and are told it’s a clean start, that we’re starting with 4-4-2, that Zaliukas is captain (who else?) for this eason, that slacking off won’t be tolerated, and do fitness work and practice games all week. We sign a striker who can play and a midfielder and goalkeeper if we can (and if we can, we might consider getting Brown out of the club too). We change our bloody culture while we can, we attack in the first half rather than letting them come at us and giving them a goal. And as I said, we go through the lists of out of contract players and get an average RB and 2 CBs in. I doubt we’ll be lucky enouugh to get ones who can play in the Premiership, but I’d rather have average than complete crap.

    The team should be something like: Kenny; Byram, Lees, Zaliukas, Pugh (White when he’s fit, rotate Pugh with the wingers depending on who we play); Stewart, Kebe, new MF/Green/Tonge/Brown/Norris alongside Murphy/Mowatt (rotate those two with whoever works out best); and McCormack and the new striker up front, with Smith to come in later. And for God’s sake keep the back four together for a while, settle Lees and Zaliukas down.

    If it doesn’t work then it’s sack the manager time, with a coach who can keep to the game plan (sign young players and bring them on. add a strong midfielder and build our way out). Eddie? Paul Hart? In fact I think Haigh should be talking to people now, just in case.

    If we don’t do all this then we have a relegation battle (and I think we’d lose), and if I were Byram, Mowatt, Lees, Murphy, Smith or Zaliukas I’d be putting in a transfer request in the summer. Even Ross may decide he’s had enough of Leeds for a lifetime.


  25. Time for McDermott to go I’m afraid. I don’t blame the players for that, his tactics were appalling. 3-4-3 can be a fine system if the tactics are right. It requires a ball-on-the-deck passing game, and Brian had them hoofing it up to the minuscule Ross McCormack and Cameron Stewart. Even Kebe isn’t particularly strong in the air, despite his height. You’d have though Brian would know this having managed him before.

    The game didn’t need a personnel change, just basic instructions to the Leeds players to start passing to feet. It took us 37 minutes to even string a few passes together. It was embarrassing.

    I don’t think Matt Smith would have turned things around even he wasn’t red carded, it was clear that direct football would not be the way to open up Wednesday, yet that’s what Brian persisted with by bringing on Smith and changing to 4-4-2.

    I’m a pretty patient guy, but this is the last straw. McDermott has to go.


  26. For those that don’t know. We lost in a similar shambolic performance to Sheff Wed on a Saturday, Don dropped the whole team and they had to play Sheff Wed 3 days later coincidently and beat them 1-0. That Sunday talk needs to be straight down the line. Play for the club, the fans and the shirt with everything or your not going to play at all.


    • Revie had players to bring in, then? I don’t remember that so I’m guessing it’s before my time (1969 on) and was the occasion when he promoted our younger players, back when we were in this vile division in the early 60s.

      Just who Brian can bring in I don’t know. Maybe: Cairns; Byram, Wootton (please God not at the moment), Thompson, Warnock; (Green and Norris are injured so – ) Aribyi, Brown, Murphy, Tonge; Varney, Poleon.
      And for the bench Grimes, Dreary, Hunt, and 4 kids we’ve never heard of.

      I don’t think it would work out very well!


  27. Well it was a detailed comment alright. Where to start? WELL, just look at BMs signings so far and if we’re going to be objective then surely they’re no better than what warnock brought in? Kebe looks like and plays like obertan, stewart is a lightweight and if it’s true that Kebe will be a permanent signing if we go up,then the board need to go too. I can’t help thinking there are one or two mischief makers on here expressing a preference for brown over Austin. Unfortunately those who don’t attend games try to over compensate with silly remarks/opinions. Why would any rational thinking coach pick a player who is guaranteed to be booked within minutes of walking on the park?


    • I think we have to say the signings are better. Most are silver standard players who will get better: Stewart, Wootton, Smith, these aren’t rubbish and they won’t be developing Alzheimers in the near future.

      Granted f-all else is better….


  28. The fitness levels of the Leeds players have to be questioned, because week in, week out, most of the players look totally unfit and the defence and midfielders all seem to have a great difficulty in running around the pitch.
    What do the players do on the training pitch during the week?
    Do they do any running at all and do they do any training in the afternoons?
    I would bring back the famous cross country runs that Wilko brought in, which turned an unfit Bremner team into super-fit players that started to move the club forward again.
    2 new central defenders, 2 central midfielders, 2 strikers and a goalkeeper are all needed to turn Leeds into an automatic promotion chasing team for next season, but if the spineless, embarrassing defeats continue, McDermott might not be at Leeds for next season.


    • Open spaces all over the park ffs.we were scraping wins but when we got beat we got turned over ffs.i am sick and tired like many of hearin fans say give him time ffs next year we will be in div 1….scuse my cussin..im depresddr


    • Totally agree with your comments regarding their fitness. I have thought other teams look more mobile than us. Unfortunately we do not have players who are comfortable on the ball to compensate. Just to add I think even though we have had some shockers lately, talk of sacking BMac is not an (viable) option just yet. Above all we need a settled team including coaching and management structure. Hopefully we will raise our game against perceived better opposition.


  29. Why my dog and I got up at 3:00 am to listen to the Wendies game I don’t know. I don’t remember the last time Leeds got white washed twice in 7 days. Next week we have high flying Leicester to deal with. B Mc. has a lot of work to do in his crisis meeting tomorrow if we are going to do any better.

    I hope the 2 new wingers have a better game and B Mc. gets the formation right this time. There is something seriously wrong with the squad. We urgently need a strong striker to help 5′ 7″ McCormack. Bring back Brown to give the midfield more bite and rest Austin and make Pierce the captain – he can read the game better.

    If Leeds do not perform against Leicester or Ipswich we need to appoint another manager such as Malky McKay. Brian is a “nice guy” but they always finish last!

    At least the Seahawks won and hopefully they will be facing the 49″rs in the play off – GO HAWKS!


  30. andy henson

    come on lads its allright saying this is what should happen thats what we should do lets face it that shower of #hit up stairs are not going to spend and untill thay do we going to be in the championship for long long time or even lower its ok with loan players to see if thay fit in but to think big then you have to buy big the squad isnt by no way shape or form any way near to what we need yesterday all did was give ball away then not fight to get it back or do what we always do and hog it up the pitch to ross to his feet but no thats too easy instead we kick the #ucking thing over his head all afternoon so BM if thats how you wanted us to play cos i didnt see havin a go at the players you should have put smith on from the start god help us next week just one last thing and this is to any manager if someone ask you to take a job do you take the job or ask if there is money to strenthen or just work with what was there already cos the reason the board sacked the one before cos he was no good but then the board must no that when a new manager comes in he is going to want funds or he his going to look just as bad or is the new manager just after a wage at the end of the week ????????????


  31. Surely when you start 3-4-3 go 1-0 down and you are being over-run you should revert to 4-4-2 until you get back in the game? If B McD can’t see that then what hope have we got. Mackay is a good shout but it must happen now so he can clear out the dead wood, of which there is plenty, and start properly planning for next season, why wait until the summer?


  32. The dust has settled and the tongue is fured up from last nights attempt to forget whayes t I saw yesterday lunch time, it cold light of this new day I’m still dumbfounded as to what to think about yesterdays result , i like everyone else had followed events this week and thought , yes ; at last we have wings , or rather wingers , great move Brian , lets now cement a play off spot , what then happened was a dammed good spanking by what I concider to be one of the worst teams in the league , obviously I was wrong in more ways than one and now this is turning into a relegation battle soon , oh to be a Leeds fan


  33. Well I feel so crap at this moment about Leeds I’m ashamed at my thoughts.
    Bm I’m not a manager or anything like, but here is my team and formation try it got nothing to lose really have we
    Byram. Lees. Wotton. Warnock
    Kebe. Murphy. Stewart
    Poleon. Maccormak


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